Zero Hangover Cocktails & Cream Cheese Dim Sum: What We Love About Ping’s

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Ping’s Café Orient is opening its doors to the public today and we got a sneak peek into it – here’s what we love!

Bangkok Street Style

Missing Bangkok? Not anymore. Ping’s décor and vibe {and food!} is Asian street-style. Walk in and see two road lamps, walls decked out in neon lights, Japanese wall art, mismatched chairs, fake windows, a staircase with detailed railing – everything you’re likely to see while walking the streets of Singapore or Pattaya. Above the bar displaying their incredible {and imported} collection of alcohol is a crate-style exhibit – so quirky. The opposite wall replicates the inside of a kitchen complete with hanging cups and graters.

Ping For More!

Wondering why Ping’s is called that? It’s because you have to ‘ping’ for your server. Each table has a little switch attached to a light which you can flick on when you want your server to come over. No more awkward glances and waiting to catch your server’s eye!

Bomb Dot Com

Goodbye plain old tequila shots, hello Sake bombs.

The sake bombs take ‘theatrical drinking’ to a whole new level. A shot of sake is balanced on chopsticks that sit atop a glass of beer. You then have to bang the bar till the shot falls into the beer and voila! Your drink is now ready. Ping’s is now the only place in the city to serve not just one but four kinds of sake.

No Hangover Cocktails

Pings is super proud of their no-hangover cocktails list. Although the cocktails are extremely potent {just one is enough to get you feeling tipsy!}, since they are made with Jim Beam, Grey Goose and Kettle One, they promise to give you all the fun with zero hangover the next day. Bartender Sourav Singh will passionately whip you up a Ping’s Fashioned {a signature Ping’s concoction, a take on the classic Old Fashioned} or a refreshing Elderflower Twister {a Grey Goose-based cockatil perfect for Sunday brunching}.

Asian Explosion

Not just Chinese, Ping’s serves Singaporean, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian and more. Forget your trip to Thailand this year, all your favourite South-East Asian street-style dishes are right here. If you love traditional Asian food, look no further than Ping’s! No more hakka chow and chilli chicken, Pin’s serves laksa, giant bowls of steaming hot Ramen {winter is coming and so are our soupy noodle cravings}, dim sum, chicken rice and other Asian favourites.

The Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dim Sum is a must-try even if you’re non-vegetarian. The little pockets of heaven have a delicate truffle oil and water chestnut flavour with an explosion of cream cheese that oozes into your mouth on your first bite. The first time you take a bite, you’re life will change – trust us!

Hot Or Cold?

Hot desserts are an Asian favourite and no one does it better than Ping’s. Generous portions enough for sharing {if you’re up for that kind of thing!}, the desserts will confuse your internal thermometer with its hot-cold approach. Feeling the nip in the air? The Hot Chocolate Foam – a rum-based hot chocolate layered dessert served in a giant glass with creamy light foam – is what you need to grab. The coconut sago pudding is another authentic favourite – served in an actual coconut shell surrounded by shards of ice, it’s simply picture perfect.

Anything Else?

You’ll find Ping’s Café Orient on Middleton Street, if you walk from Peter Cat towards Amber, it’ll be on your right. It’s the exact location where Bistro By The Park used to be. Sit on the ground floor {near the bar!} and enjoy the huge windows with sunlight streaming in or choose to go to the more quaint upstairs section.

The resto-bar seats 58 people and we’re guessing it’s going to be packed. Reserve your table by calling +91 33 4602 0420 or +91 98304 62761.


Probably a strange thing to recommend, but use the washrooms – not only are they clean, they have neon signs and fun sayings on the wall.


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