BFF Getting Hitched? Pick Up The Best Wedding Gifts From These Stores In Kolkata

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Tired of giving regular gifts for weddings? We put our minds together to find you these super cool ideas. 

Furniture From FabIndia

FabIndia furniture is tasteful, elegant and reasonably priced. Help the newlyweds set up their new home by adding a splash of traditional elegance with functionality. We love their mirrors and moorahs – both make great additions to any room (living room or bedroom) because of their versatility. 

Antiques From Park Street

Victor Brothers and Russel Exchange, just off Park Street, are home to delicate collectibles and valuable antiques. Pick up anything from vintage car models (for the groom who is obsessed with cars) to brownie cameras (for the photography-enthusiast bride) or old chess boards for the couple to squabble while playing chess. The pieces are auctioned on Saturdays.

Hidden Treasures At Dakhinapan

Dakhinapan is a storehouse of hidden gems. Really want a standout gift? Nothing screams amazing like an old gramophone and a couple of vinyls. Outside the Madhya Pradesh showroom you’ll find pieces that you can pick up after they are repaired and restored. Dakhinapan is also teeming with coffee tables and cabinets that will stand out in any room. 

Café-Style Crockery At Rajaniklal

Rajaniklal is a treasure trove of quality crockery that looks straight out of a café. You can pick up wedding presents to last you the entire season from here – their variety is incredible and they’re super affordable. We love the plate and bowl sets – available in bright colours, they’re young and fun. You can also mix and match coasters, trays, casseroles, bottles and jars to come up with individualised packages for each couple. 

For The Newlyweds With A New Home

Know a couple who are getting married and setting up a new home at the same time? You can find a list of furniture stores here where you can stop by to pick up practical yet memorable presents for them. We love the bohemian kitsch-style vibe you’ll find at Basil, intricately carved woodwork from Gopal Nagar Lane or Dutch armchairs from Scarlet Splendour to lounge on.

Make A Hamper

Living Free is an eco-friendly store where you can score everything from designer clothing to stationery. Make a hamper for the newlyweds by mixing and matching from their range of wellness and beauty products includes handmade soaps and bottles, a selection of range of their organic, gourmet handmade cheeses and ceramics for the home. Check out everything we love about Living Free here