What’s Inside The Haan ‘D’?

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What Makes It Awesome?

My introduction with biryani was done by my parents when they used to take me to Bedouin to savour the biryanis, chaap, tikia and kebabs. Only a few restaurants were around then which were affordable with decent air-conditioned dining areas. Since then, the preparation has itself evolved and fusionised with healthier variants and to savour our favourite dish can now order from the comfort of our couch. To leverage this natural gastronomy of the Bongs,  Haan ‘D’ Biryani is one of the front runners in the era of cloud kitchen in the “City of Joy” delivers healthy indulgence to our doorstep.

On opening up the box of the Special Mutton Biryani, the alluring aroma of saffron hit my nostrils. Running fork through various layers reveals perfectly cooked decent sized mutton chunks laid on saffron tinged long grain basmati rice. Dum pukht technique was evident from the perfectly moist and tender mutton pieces falling-off-the-bone.

Juices from the meat and spices soaked into the potato keeps the trademark of Kolkata intact. Inside De Sarkar’s kitchen the biryani is prepared with sunflower oil to keep it non-greasy and light. To test this claim I ate biryani without a spoon and while washing my hand without soap cannot feel any grease. The biryani comes in a wonderful sealed container with all the information including ingredients used and nutritional facts.

In sides, the Chicken Chaap so perfectly complement the biryani. Chicken leg quarters are marinated overnight with cashew paste, poppy seed paste and char magaz paste and cooked with a melange of spices. The chaap had a distinctive pungent flavour but it was not due to mustard oil. The secret was revealed though when I asked about it.

Mutton Shaami Kebab Bhurji is a patty style kabab where coarsely minced mutton combined with chana dal, spices and shallow fried on tawa. The patty is crushed and disintegrated and sauté with onion, chili and coriander leaves. This reminded me of mutton tikia which I love so much with roomali roti. However this bhurji will go perfectly with paratha.

So what is the story behind the invention of the Haan ‘D’ Biryani?

It is the generation old recipe originated from the kitchen of De Sarkar as an outcome of experimenting to cook a low-fat, light biryani for health reasons. But the challenge was to make the ‘healthy’ version as delicious as that of an orthodox biryani. In the present generation both Indrajit and Abhijit while taking forward their family legacy, recently Masterchef Gary Mehigan knighted them as the Biryani Brothers.

Souvik is from The City of Joy, Kolkata and a passionate Bong foodie who cherishes his gastronomical journey. Loves to blog them to spread awareness.