Learn About Otters With The Wild Otters Internship Program in Goa

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Work towards understanding and protecting the wildlife with the Wild Otters internship program happening at their field base in Goa's Chorao Island.

Internship slots are open for the months of July and August. The organisation is all set to kick-start new projects this monsoon season, which include audio analysis, community conservation work and setting up a citizen science project among others. Learn everything there is to know about smooth-coated otters with this internship program. 

You will be trained to conduct field surveys in mangroves, identify smooth-coated otter signs, understand otter ecology and behavior, learn to use a GPS and related software for digital mapping, set up and monitor camera traps, analyse otter behavior from recorded camera trap videos and several other skills to boost your career further. Wild Otters gives you a completely hands-on field experience.

Interested in scientific research and field work? Apply now. The internship is applicable for 18-year-olds and above. If you have good English-speaking and writing skills, a sound knowledge of basic computer applications and are physically fit to work on the field in the hot an humid weather, this is the program for you.

You need to intern for a minimum period of 20 days for adequate training and pay a small fee for your accommodation, meals, training, equipment usage and travel charges.

The internship is open for both Indian and foreign nationals. You will get a certificate once you successfully complete the internship program.

To apply for the internship, send in your updated CV to kshitij@wildotters.com  


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