Winter Specials: Pick Up Handmade Chinese Sausages From This Chinatown Store

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They are an epicurean delight and a must-have item from Kolkata.

Air Kissed To Perfection

The crowds are descending on Pou Chong to pick up their much-coveted sausages. These sausages—-known as lap cheong — are worth the long trek. They are air-cured, the ground pork and seasonings stuffed into the casings and then hung to dry naturally so it develops a rounded, savoury taste.

Where To Get Them

You can pick them up from the Pou Chong store near the Tiretti Bazar Telephone Exchange. Call 033 -2215-7398/ 2237-0870 and 9831090025 for more information. They are for INR 480 a kilo.

Check out this piece by Serious Eats for ideas on how to use the sausages in a dish {like jazzing up a fried rice with sliced chunks}.

Check out Pou Chong’s Facebook page for updates on handmade Chinese foods.


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