Want To Get Fit? Join These Yoga Classes Sure To Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Yoga is a proven way to not only make you fit and tone your body, but also uplift your lifestyle and make you a mentally and physically healthier person. Say bye to the chronic pain from long working hours. These yoga classes in Kolkata have a class to suit every body type, need and temperament.

Mystic Yoga

You will love the Zen-like aesthetic interiors of their studios. Their classes offer a pure form of hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and vinyasa yoga along with Buddhist meditation. We loved their health food café at the studio in Purna Das Road strung up with Buddhist flags. They had a range of freshly squeezed juices, great for detox. They offer pre and post natal yoga which keeps moms limber, and helps expectant moms with that backache.

Real Yoga

This studio chain based out of Singapore makes yoga fun, combining backbenders, pilates, hammock asanas, and hot yoga with traditional postures. Try their body opening sessions which help maintain and open up body joints and improve flexibility. The yoga twist makes your back feel incredibly relaxed and helps straighten the spine. They have several fixed and flexible package options - ask for a plan at the entry counter.

Kyogi Wellness

Stuck on the desk for long hours at your job? Try the corporate yoga sessions which focus on lower back pain, weak knees, stiff arms et al at KYogi. KYogi stands for KarmYogi or yogi of action. Varuna is a Yoga Alliance International Certified teacher and has something for everyone. Students can enlist for her games and interactive sessions to help improve memory and decrease lethargy. Want to tone up and look good? She has asanas that lead to healthy blood circulation and makes your skin glow. For something different, try their deep house yoga with house music.

World Yoga Society

Got a kink in your back or want to get fit, but have no time? World Yoga Society will send qualified instructors to your doorstep. They employ methods of traditional yoga with an approach to healing and therapy. Here’s how it works – you have to visit one of their centers and have a talk with a doctor who will discuss your health issues and prescribe the right asanas for you. Fees are calculated on the basis of the number of classes you take per week.

Iyengar Yoga Sessions

Don’t know what’s the big deal about Iyengar yoga? It was named after and developed by internationally renowned yoga guru, BKS Iyengar. They do yoga with many props which help maintain the correct posture and focuses on detail, precision and alignment. The best news? You don’t need any prior training or experience in fitness. You don’t have to wait for the beginning of next month to start your classes (say goodbye to procrastination!). You can start on any day - to register, call on 9748664036.

The Art Of Living

The Art of Living has several branches at different locations across Kolkata. It is one of the best centres for yoga enthusiasts or those looking to learn the ropes. Established by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living hosts regular classes and workshops for those willing to practice yoga. From Surya Namaskar to asanas for different problems like body stiffness, snoring, sciatica, PCOS, and more, they teach them all.

Temple Of Yoga

Located in Ultadanga, Temple of Yoga believes in treating your body like a temple and offers yoga classes to help you work on the same. They offer physiotherapy, yoga, and pranayam lessons for stress, pain, and weight management. Their services also include fitness centres, yoga classes for children, power yoga, and meditation sessions.

Yoga Sea

Located in Ballygunge, Yoga Sea is one of the best places for Shatkarma sessions and power yoga. They offer holistic training to help you lose weight, build strength, manage your mental health, and increase body flexibility. They hold special yoga classes for children as well as private lessons that you can practice from within the comfort of your home.

Sattva Yoga Studio

Located in Jodhpur Park, Sattva Yoga Studio preserves the essence of yoga while offering modern facilities for the same. Practice a wide range of asanas (Raj Yog, Hatha Yog, Jnan Yog, Karma Yog, Bhakti Yog, and Mantra Yog) and pranayams as well as meditation at their regular and weekly classes. They are also associated with the Indian military, leading corporates, and medical professionals.