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Buy Fresh Produce Directly From Farmers Through This Meghalaya Brand

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Zizira, a popular food brand from Meghalaya, likes to call itself the 'plant hunters' and rightly so because their products are a wonderful blend of the rich biodiversity and traditional farming methods practiced in this beautiful Northeastern state.

    The brand works with small and local farmers in the state using sustainable farming techniques and fair trade practices to bring to you fresh produce like the famous and traditionally farmed turmeric, honey, ginger, energy and immunity boosters, bhut jolakia, different kinds of herbs and spices, tea, coffee and other products grown in the pristine hills of Meghalaya.

    Our personal favourites have to be the herbs and spices native to the state - bhut jolakia (we all know what it is - the spiciest chilli in the world!) chilli flakes, Indian long pepper powder, bird's eye chilli flakes, Valerian root powder and gotu kola (a refreshing medicinal plant that is also used to treat acidity, stomach ache and diarrhoea). We also loved the pure raw honey and the 'world's best' turmeric - the pure Lakadong turmeric powder as well as blends of it with other herbs and spices like cinnamon and ginger.


    If you're a chai person, you'll love the assortment of handpicked tea blends made using plants grown naturally in traditional family-owned micro-farms of Meghalaya. From masala chai and green tea to turmeric and ginger flavoured ones, find it all here.

      Available Online