We Want You!

Little Black Book is launching its internship program, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

This summer, we’re looking for people who think - scratch that - LIVE outside the box! Nobody here cares about which college you’re from, as long as you’ve got skills to match your street cred.

Why Should You Join Us?

  • Coffee runs aren't a thing*
    *We have a coffee machine for that, your time is valuable to us.

  • We want your work to be seen by millions of people.

  • Our internships are paid, don't worry.

  • The work you do here will be valuable for years to come.

  • We love our pop culture references, and then some.

  • Lunch hour will never disappoint you.

What Can You Apply For?

  • App Developers

    What You Can Expect:​

    • Development of new prototypes for LBB on Android

    • Playing with video streaming, real time image sourcing and content intelligence

  • UI/UX Designers

    What You Can Expect:​

    • Building mobile specific prototypes for LBB

    • Work with the design team to do research on users and provide ideas on design improvement​

  • Content Writers

    What You Can Expect:​

    • Help storyboard ideas for our upcoming articles

    • Be our feet on the streets - tell us about great new places and help us review them

    • Create content for us (duh).

  • Social Media Ninjas

    What You Can Expect:​

    • Create fun content for our social media presence.

    • Ensure responsiveness on our social media channels

    • Working with data surrounding internet influencers

  • Photographers, Actors, Videographers

    What You Can Expect:​

    • Help us create visually compelling content

    • Sourcing images for our web presence

    • Work on storyboarding ideas for our next big visual story​

  • Event Coordinator

    What You Can Expect:​

    • Ideating on our next big event, straight from planning to executing

    • Ensuring smooth logistical functioning, ranging from coordinating with the venue to helping out with decor

    • Being an awesome host on the day of the event

  • Marketing Analytics

    What You Can Expect:​

    • Deep-dive into ​our super cool ​analytics to understand new conversion opportunities and uncover behaviour patterns

    • Assist Growth Marketing team to measure, and analyze the effectiveness of marketing initiatives

    • Build and channel​ ​specific content and marketing analytics dashboards​.​

Meet Your Mentors

    Co-founder & CTO

    Lead product & engineering at LBB, always thinking of new ways to help people discover the best of their city.

    Fun fact: I have complete control over my ear muscles and can move them at will.

    Digital Marketing & Strategy Manager

    Digital marketing geek with a penchant for guitar riffs.

    Fun Fact: I am the lead guitarist in a rock band, October that recently won a runners-up prize at Hornbill festival, India’s biggest rock competition!

    Deputy Editor

    Meet Namrata Juneja: aspiring writer, vocalist and all round kook.

    Fun Fact: You can usually find her raving about some new music, or perhaps talking to herself.

    Features Writer

    Hai frnZzzz! AiSHaN VaLi'z 1 of dA wryTors 4 LBB in Bengalore. He'z a vRy keWl gUY.

    Fun fact: He makes rap music under the name Xcpt. Don't 4get he's keWL!

    Brand Collaborations & Sales, Delhi

    Akriti Agarwal is Little Black Book's globe-traipsing, cuisine sampling brand curator who enjoys the finer pleasures of life and enjoys writing in her free time.

    Fun Fact: She's unusually proficient at Jagerbomb dominoes and popping bottles of Champagne.

Apply Here

Applications have now closed. We have completed recruitment for our summer program, stay tuned for the winter edition!