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Support your favorite local stores, bookshops, restaurants, cafes, brands & more by buying Gift Cards & Vouchers for these businesses - let’s help our favourite spots in these trying times!

  • For Businesses

    Full gift card value comes to you, we’re taking 0% commission, 0 listing fees

  • For Gift Card Purchasers

    Help your #localstore out! The full value of your gift card goes to the brand / business

  • You have 1 full year to utilise your gift card!

  • Gift-cards & Vouchers can be claimed once the business opens its doors.

  • All e-commerce deliveries will be made once delivery services are running


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Why should I buy gift cards from local businesses?

Many local businesses across India - restaurants, coffee shops, fitness studios, etc -- aren't able to do much or any business while there is a local shut down to combat COVID-19. This means businesses can't pay rent, can't pay employees, and can't honor contracts. Without fast help, some may be forced out of business. Buying gift cards NOW gives local businesses the cash they need to stay afloat. You can spend the gift cards later when COVID-19 has been defeated.

How do you ensure the legitimacy of participating businesses?

We will be working directly with owners and proprietors of businesses to ensure that your gift card/voucher is honoured once businesses are open.

When can I use my gift cards?

Gift cards will be sent to you immediately. They can be used once businesses are open for businesses, and for up to [1 year].

What are gift cards/ vouchers?

Think of gift cards as pre-paid purchases. Your gift card gives you early credit at the store that you've purchased it for; you can claim the exact value of the gift card at the store. For example, if you've bought a gift card for INR 500, this amount will be deducted from the total value of your next purchase at the store/place upon claim.

How do I use the gift cards/ vouchers?

You show the gift card to the cashier at the store/place before your bill is generated.

Why should I trust this website?

LBB has been supporting local businesses since 2015 by helping them get discovered and get new customers. We are running this initiative absolutely for free, and all proceeds from the gift cards will go directly to small businesses.

Does LBB make money from this?

LBB does not make any money from the sale of gift cards. The full payment, barring a 2-3% payment partner fees, goes straight to the business/brand you're supporting through your purchase.

Can I buy a gift card for someone else?

Yes! Just check the box saying that it's a gift for someone else!

What happens if the business permanently shuts down?

LBB will not take liability for claims in the unfortunate event of a brand/business shutting down. You may reach out to the brand/business directly to claim your refund.