What Is It?

Believe in an expansive and exorbitant affair when it comes to eating out? Global Chaos in Fort is offering a 10 course tasting meal for INR 1,000 {vegetarian} and INR 1,200 {non-vegetarian}.

Who Is It For?

For the foodie in you. The 10 course meal has a set menu for the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. For the vegetarians, the course starts with your regular corn and chipotle bisque soup corn, then chatpata channa salad. Moving on, they’ve got asparagus phyllo spears which is basically pastry filled with butter and Parmesan cheese served with side of pomegranate and grenadine redux. Hold on, this is just course three, as then you’ll be served with some lip-smacking appetisers like harissa sweet potatoes and pesto parmagiana slice.

For mains, they have green queen risotto, hot garlic paneer with butter garlic noodles and chickpea and egg plant stew with pine but rice. If you thought it ends there, think again because you’ve still one last course to go, the sweetest of all with their amazingly sinful deserts like pajam nooruku, or hazelnut brulee. For the meat eaters, the similar menu applies, except its full of chicken and prawns.

Why Should I Go?

For INR 1,000 and INR 1,200 {excluding the taxes} you get the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian courses respectively. That’s 10 courses, 10 small portions within a budget. Throw yourself a challenge, and conquer the 10 courses. The menu would be available noon onwards, so you can lunch like a king or a queen, if you may.

So, We’re Saying…

If you’re in the mood for some a lavish meal with a budget, Global Chaos is what you need to hit up.

#LBBTip: You can sip on the cocktails as well if you book through Wow Tables {here}, for their set three-four course menu as they’ll be included in the package.

Photos courtesy: Global Chaos