This Himalayan Restaurant Serves Authentic Tibetan, Bhutanese & Nepalese Dishes

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What Makes It Awesome?

I visited this restaurant to try some authentic Tibetan, Bhutanese and Nepalese dish. Yeti means a large creature resembling human, said to live high in the Himalayas and so was Yeti situated high amidst the bustling of crowds and loud music. The service I experienced was pleasant and quick. They serve hot and fresh food.

I tried there,
-Refreshing Drink: Homemade Lemonade was good. Tangy and sweet this taste was available.
Note: more beverages option would be appropriated.

-Veg Momo: One should definitely have the momo here, it might take a while to be served, but it would make you return for more. With every momo, they serve chutney hands down they have one of the best. i.e.schezwan chutney, peanut chutney and sesame seeds chutney.
-Mothuk (momo soup): I absolutely love the veg thupka. Perfect for monsoon season. It was soup they had added tomato, onion, green onion and momo piece.

Also tried Mushroom with black bean paste, Ema Datchi and Thakali Thali Veg.

Ema Datchi with tingmo bread combination is a must-have.
Thakali thali was pretty wholesome with all the elements done well. This humongous thali Comprised of dal, mushroom spicy gravy, rice, papad, curd, pickle, karela ka Pakoda, piro aloo, Rai ka saag, gundruk Sadako.

After eating a huge meal I was not able to have desserts. But yes they serve dessert too. To complete your sweet tooth craving.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae.

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