What You Should Eat At Jia, A New Eatery From The Folks Behind Royal China

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Jia – The Modern Oriental Kitchen is where you should go next for a lovely, fine dining experience that involves some lip-smacking sushi, tender, succulent pork belly and much more.

Dim Sum, Eat Some

Located in, what has now become almost like a buzzing fine dining street, Jia is the newest addition to Dhanraj Mahal’s ground floor. This leafy lane boasts of some amazing restaurants {Indigo, The Table, etc.}, and this modern oriental eatery is the perfect new entrant. Owned by the founders of Royal China, Jia was packed with the finest folk of SoBo the day we went in there.

Jia in Mandarin means ‘I love my family,’ and the restaurant is perfect for a lovely family outing. Their menu is expansive, and considering we’re fans of the food at Royal China, we had great expectations from the food. Needless to say, they were met rather well. Specialising in dim sums, sushi, Thai and modern Chinese dishes, we started our first course with some delectable dragon sushi. Divine is all we’ve got to describe it. The spicy salmon sushi, too, was a good pick. We paired that with some amazing house wine which was perfect. We were also delighted to have the lamb roll with black pepper {it was made rather well}.

They have an amazing section for dim sums and we’re sure there won;t be a single bad one in there.if you’re the kind who loves to load up on starters, then also try their pork cheung fun {you’ll thank us for this one!}. For the main course, we opted for the pork belly that was both, succulent and bursting of flavours. Served with slight gravy and hot bread, the dish is super filling and will leave a lingering taste behind. By the time we reached the dessert section, we were both, full and tired of eating, but determined to try at least one dish, we opted for their salted caramel verrine and patted our backs for making the most perfect choice.

They have a large  bar menu, so get yourself your favourite poison that will complement your food well.

So, We're Saying...

Go to Jia for one of the finest oriental menus currently available in town. With an exhaustive variety of dishes catering to almost all kind of palates, this restaurant will surely not disappoint you.


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