Yes, Chef: Set Up The Kitchen Of Your Dreams At This Lohar Chawl Shop

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We found the shop that’ll fulfill your kitchen fantasies {the good kind} and here’s why you should give it a visit.

What To Buy

Saria Stove Depot is a wonderland of sorts. The bait is the line of mason jars on the display shelf – the collection looks pricey but once you ask at the counter – you’ll be relieved. Starting at INR 50 for the smallest ones, a mason jar dispenser will cost you around INR 2,500. They also have chef-grade knives, heavy-bottomed pans {INR 800} and crockery that’ll put any international brand to shame.

You’ll also find pasta makers, sushi knives, good quality graters,spatulas, smoking guns used to torch desserts, pasta makers and weighing scales that ‘ll make sure your portions are just right.

So, We're Saying...

If you often see yourself searching for that one place where you can buy all the paraphernalia they use in cooking shows, your search ends at Lohar Chawl. While you’re there, you can also pick up some lights.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai