3D Selfie, Anyone? This 3D Printing Cafe In Mumbai Does It

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Designers, thinkers, makers, there’s a cool café in Vile Parle that does 3D printing and it's amazing. 

What Makes It Awesome

At this concept café in Vile Parle, anyone from a student to a creator to a designer can go and explore with the still semi-new concept of 3D printing in India.

Here, you can do a lot of different things, starting from using a 3D gel pen to create solid designs of your liking {using a filament stick which gets melted}. You can also use the 3D software to create just about anything to wish on a small scale, it could be a ring, it could be a cute figurine of your choice or maybe even a symbol such as the deathly hallows sign for example.

What’s really cool is the 3D selfies that you can get printed here. First, they scan you from all angles and get a digital reading of you. From that format, they are able to print a miniature 3D version of you in a plastic material {or any other that you please}. You can also go with a few friends and get these 3D selfies printed together. The printing process is slightly long and will take close to 2 hours, so you can hang around nearby and then come back to pick it up. A miniature starts at about INR 1,500.

At this studio, they will guide you through every step to make sure you get to your desired end product, and will also holding many different workshops to understand using the format, d esigning and the functioning of the printer.

If you’re simply reading through and wondering what 3D printing is, it is a form of printing that is able to create a three-dimensional object through the print by printing it in horizontal layers.

Everything is first designed digitally in the CAD format, and is then printed through the printers.


This is going to be an extremely exciting space, with great ideas always afloat and being bounced around, and products being created. When are you visiting to get a 3D selfie printed? 


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