Stuffed Zucchini Rolls, Bacon Wrapped Prawns & More: Explored This Bandra Bistro Yet?

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What Makes It Awesome

Bandra is a goldmine of amazing eateries and every month, there's some place new to go to. But we don't really mind the additions. Especially if they're as worth it as 73 Degrees Bistro and Bar. Here, we tell you why we loved what we did, at this gem. 

Let's start with why this bistro is called 73 Degrees. The name comes from the longitude line that passes through the east of Mumbai (Geography lovers, listen up!) and since the owners take their research seriously, they found out which other country has the longitude line of 73 degrees passing through it. So basically, when here, you'll get a bit of aamchi Mumbai in food, and also a hint of spices and cuisines from the Maldives, Pakistan, Russia, Peru, Brazi, Bahamas, and Chile. Quite impressive, isn't it? The ambience is on point too. They've got a bit of tropical vibe going on with alot of planters, some travel quotes written on one of the bar walls, and monkey lamps (basically, very Instagrammable).

Our good times here started with a heady concoction from their cocktail menu. Cucumburst, which (like the name suggests) has cucumber, and vodka. Needless to say, its very soothing, and you start feeling the buzz after the third sip. But it's the good kind of buzz, we promise. You could also try their Pulp Fiction, Indian Summer, Early Martini, Dragontini, San Junipero, and Paradise Passion from the bar. They whip up pretty perfect drinks. And because cocktails and starters are a good idea, we called for some stuffed zucchini rolls and some casabella chicken, both being their house specialties. We also called for their beer and bacon battered onion hoops, which basically are your regular onion ring's bigger and better version (we could go for this dish again) And if you're into heavy meat, you could go for their barbecue pork ribs and the bacon wrapped prawns. 

All in all, this one's a super chilled out space to hang out at, with your friends or colleagues, to come for a date, or to even throw a party. We're super impressed, and we're sure you'll bookmark 73 Degrees too! 


If your appetite isn't too huge and you want something light, you could go for the kale and beetroot nacho chips. We've been told they're really good. 


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