Sweet Dreams: Feast On Mini Pancakes & Crepes At This #Awesome Pancake Parlour

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What Makes It Awesome

Nothing lifts our spirits like the smell of pancakes in the air. A shop entirely dedicated to pancakes? Consider our year made. 99 Pancakes is the newest entrant to the ‘hood, and we checked it out.

They primarily make two kinds of pancakes – Holland pancakes {which they make in mini, slightly bigger than a coin-sized pancakes, and French pancakes, which are essentially crepes. Each of these can be made in different flavours – maple syrup butter pancakes, nutella pancakes, mango mania, strawberries with whipped cream, pancakes with chocolate truffle and more. You can also add your own extra toppings.

The French pancakes (AKA crepes) can be had with caramel bonaffee, nutellla, Belgian chocolate with brownie chunks, and more starting at INR 150.

We tried the nutella and brownie mini pancakes, 6 of each, and they were so absolutely delicious. Each mini pancake was fluffy, soft and almost like a sponge cake, and the chocolate sauces were generously drizzled. These cost us under INR 200 and were definitely worth the money. They also have other desserts, chocolate truffles and cakes available.

In case you’re feeling any pancake cravings coming on, just remember that everything is better when you eat dessert, or are surrounded by it. Go to 99 Pancakes for a happy, fun time. You will not regret it.


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