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Amity University, Panvel, Mumbai

Choosing which college to attend used to be a Sophie’s Choice - should we go for the best course or that gorgeous campus? And that was before 2020! Students finishing school or college these days have very different concerns for higher studies, all thanks to the pandemic. Is my campus safe? How are the online classes and would I get the right exposure considering the health crisis at hand, these concerns are on every student’s checklist and rightly so. But don’t worry! We at LBB believe there is always a silver lining!  In times like these, campuses like Amity University have revisited their security and safety, coming up with more efficient ways to manage sanitization. Thus ensuring that their students’ education remains uninterrupted and we’re in absolute awe of them! 

Amity University Mumbai has swiftly acted upon the changing situation and have moved their community interactions online, ensuring that the learning never stops. So, while you may be missing your friends, you can still have a fun session over video calls! Moving classroom interactions to digital communication between student-faculty management has ensured a safer and protected world for students. Does all of this seem unreal to you? Have a look at how Amity University got ahead of the curve in delivering results:

1. Safety-First Protocols

The biggest health crisis of the 21st century has drawn attention to the importance of  safety protocols. Amity modified its campus to cope with this new normal. From live classes to constant communication via its website and social media, students knew exactly how their University is changing things around to ensure long-term interest.

2. Thermal Screening

All entry points at the Amity Mumbai campus and hostels are manned by well-trained security personnel who ensure that all students and staff go through thermal screening as a safety measure. 

3. Amity Clinic

Amity Clinic is a facility at Amity Mumbai where a doctor and medical help is available at all times. The campus has access to an ambulance 24X7 in case of any emergency.

4. Regular Sanitisation Drills

Even though organisations have quickly moved their classes from the physical to the virtual world, the campuses have to be readied for the post-lockdown phase. To address safety concerns, frequent sanitization of the lecture rooms, corridors and common areas and various sanitization points inside the campus and on the gates will be a regular feature as the students begin to come back once the classes resume.

5. Social Distancing With Infrastructural Capabilities

Virtual classes can be a tough challenge (we have all seen the hilarious memes doing the rounds on social media) without proper infrastructure at faculty as well as student levels. Amity University has ensured that each student has the required infrastructural facilities to continue their studies. 

6. Surveillance

The Amity Mumbai campus is always under strict surveillance which will help to ensure that students maintain social distance as well as follow guidelines whenever they move around the campus. Amity also has a team of disciplinarians as Proctors who continuously monitor the activities of students to ensure the protocols are followed.

7. All-Round Faculty Support

Some of our favourite subjects were simply amazing because of the faculty who taught us, right? Amity’s seasoned faculty made the transition from physical to virtual classrooms smooth for the students. Whether it’s lecture-related queries or assignments, constant communication has undeniably made it a lot easier for students to continue their semesters despite the health crisis. 

8. Counselling (Because Mental Health Matters!)

Amity recognises that the situation has had a larger impact on the mental and physical health of the students, staff and even parents. To combat the situation, Amity Mumbai has 24X7 helplines running to ensure that no one is left unheard (Now, that is one progressive campus!)


We know learning is only wholesome when you’re enjoying the process and not worrying about your overall safety. So, do your research and make a smart decision because your safety is the utmost priority! And if you find your calling at Amity University Mumbai, they’re accepting forms till July 15th.


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