Dig Into Gorgeous Sushi Plates And Hearty Donburi Bowls At Seefah In Bandra

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What Makes It Awesome

Perched on the 3rd floor, above Coffee Culture and McDonald's on Hill Road, Seefah may be hard to spot unless you know it's there. But this eatery, brought to us by the owners of Blue's Kitchen (originally The Blue), is an upgraded, more spacious version of their original tiny space.

Cool blue walls, hanging cane lamps and an ensemble of high and low tables, plus a few sofa seats along the edges of the restaurant create an inviting space to linger over a meal. We love the addition of bright paintings on the walls, plus a cute shelf of knick-knacks that just add to the charm. There's a terrace here too, and we suggest you get a table outside once the weather cools down. 

Anyone who has been to the original restaurant will recognise favourites from the menu, ones that we're glad to say have stuck around. We started off our meal with tuna nigiri. Beautifully plated and presented, the sushi tasted really fresh and the texture was spot on too - if anyone's had the misfortune of sampling a dry, crumbly sushi, you know how disappointing it can be - but not so here. Next up was a plate of chicken gyoza, pan-fried to an ideal crunch, the minced chicken was succulent and flavourful and vanished in two easy bites. For the mains, we tried the five-spiced duck with rice, served in a huge bowl, this is easily shared between two to three small eaters. Packed full of flavour this was a robust option, and the duck was excellently flavoured and cooked. My old-time fave was always the chicken katsudon with curry - a complete meal, this crispy breadcrumb-fried chicken fillet is served with a hearty curry with veggies for healthy diners and served on a bed of Japanese-style rice. You'll want to share this one, portions are large, though the miso soup that comes along with it is perfect for one person. The only down-side to dining here is that they don't have any alcoholic drinks on the menu, but there are thirst quenchers like the oh-so-pretty butterfly pea flower juice and a too-sweet Thai cold coffee.

Unlike many Asian restaurants, the dessert game is strong here, and those of you with a sweet tooth won't have much to complain about. We tried their blueberry cheesecake ice-cream, which isn't made in-house but does come from an exclusive supplier. 

All-in-all, Seefah checks all the boxes if you're craving an Asian meal in Bandra. An eclectic and relaxed Bandra crowd, excellent service, and food worth coming back for, this one's a personal favourite.

Price for two: INR 1,800 - 2,000

What Could Be Better

We'd love to see some Asian-inspired cocktails on the menu here, but they do not serve alcohol, which might be disappointing for some of you.


Consider heading to Kaitlyn's next door for pre or post-dinner drinks.