Go Green: Add This Beautiful Eco Lodge In Alibaug To Your List Of Getaway Places


    We found a perfect lodge for you to experience therapy and rejuvenation. Gandhar, an eco-lodge in Alibaug, is all things calm and beautiful. And here's why you need to visit this as soon as you can. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    The idea of Gandhar (which means space, tranquility, and serenity) was born with the intent of making eco-tourism exist with rural areas in the State. The property has used all natural means to create a magical experience for us. It has little bamboo huts, water heaters made of wood-fire, and betel-leaf wood plating. 

    On arrival, you will be welcomed in a traditional style with garlands being adorned on you by the local caretakers-Kiran and his wife. They will take you to the vegetable gardens behind the property, and help you choose the freshest pieces for your meal. Since this is a private lodge, you need to exclusively book the whole of it for yourself and your family/friends. So there is privacy, and exclusive attention being given to you by Gandhar. You can indulge in activities like rangoli and statue-making, or choose to laze around the quiet lanes of the property and play a board game or two.

    For dinner, your options are continental and Indian. The humble staff at Gandhar also takes you for local tours in the nearby cottage industries, to be able to learn how to make pickles, quality jams and squashes. 

    Their tariff for a double bedroom on weekdays is INR 25,950 and for weekends the price is INR 34,600. You need to book this lodge for a minimum of two nights and three days, and the cost includes all the lip-smacking meals that you consume, along with beverages and snacks. 

    What Could Be Better

    The price is on the higher end, and we wish it was a bit more economical. 


    Gandhar's conscious effort is to inculcate a no-wifi/no internet culture because they want their guests to bond with/amidst each other, and with the locals around them.