Funky Vibes And Fun Cocktails At This All-New Tapas Bar In Khar

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What Makes It Awesome

We're always on the lookout for fun new places to try out. And Bandra's popping food scene has an all-new addition that we're super excited about. It's called Poco Loco which translates as a little bit crazy, and the vibe here definitely lives up to the name - think chemistry lab meets Latin nights. 

As you step in, you're sure to notice the beautiful red-brick Canary Island-inspired brick walls, while looking up gives you a glimpse of their fun molecular-inspired lighting. If you prefer to sit outdoors, they've got an outdoor space decked up with Sombrero-lights, with cane detailing and a Latin-inspired vibe. The quirky vibe extends to their menu too, which draws from Latin American and Mexican tapas heritage, with a mad-scientist twist - molecular gastronomy is the word of the day here.

They're all for adding a dash of drama to the drinking and dining experience here, and their drinks come with their very own little show of foam, caviars, smoke and bubbles. They even make their own in-house bitters and tonics! If cocktails are your go-to drink, then try their rendition of the Moscow Mule. New on the menu here is an assortment of tacos, Mexican flavoured pizzas, burritos, rice dishes, margaritas, and more that go well with their original dishes, all peppered with their signature habanera and peri peri sauce.

So if you're looking for an experimental dining experience and you're a tapas fan, why not head on over to Poco Loco and see what the hype's about?