Seize The Season: Social Has Got Us Super Excited About Their Monsoon Menu!

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Y'know when it's pouring baltis, and you're scrolling through the 'gram during a long day of doing nothing, and you suddenly see a picture of chai and bhajiyas, and you feel this soul-tugging urgency to have some, too? We know what happens next - either you place a swift order for a plate and make do with homemade chai, or you pester someone at home who loves you enough to make you bhajiyas from scratch. Sounds a little tiring, no?

You know what? Spare yourself, and them, the trouble. Just head to Social. The Monsoon Menu is #BaarishComfortFoodGoals! So good, we had to invent our own hashtag. They've got Pitter Platter Pakodas, which are basically all your pakoda dreams come true, with 3 different kinds of chutneys to go with 4 kinds of pakodas. You gotta try them all, because we're not gonna sit here and give you spoilers. And for the chai, there's a version of it we can really get behind - It's called a Kadak Whisky, and it's got a curious combination of whisky, orange juice, strawberry, and masala chai syrup. They promise it's perfect with the pakodas.

The chaat cravings are real this time of the year, but they're also, well, really risky at most places. Not here, though...Social has got a great take on a hearty samosa chaat - its called the BYOB - Build Your Own Chaat. It's a DIY Samosa Chaat, and it's great for when you want to feel #blessed about your culinary skills.

Ain't no rainy day complete without answering your heart's call for a spicy, spicy Baarish Mein Chicken 65. The Bad and Bhajji sounds dreamy, too. It's a plate of onion bhajjis topped with delicious pieces of bacon. We're sure it'll be bacon all you non-vegetarians crazy. The delish mutton samosas from The Bohri Kitchen are coming back this year, and they're called Mausamosas! Don't forget your Rum Boots before you head back home in the rain. It's a mix of dark rum, cold brew, ginger juice and honey. This one's for the (hopefully, not-waterlogged) road. And if the road's looking rough, you can opt for the Puddle Mein Muddle - a yummy concoction of mulled wine, butterfly pea tea, and tonic water.

This menu is #LimitedEdition, so head to the closest (and we mean THE closest) outlet soon, and order away.


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