A Beautiful Place With Amazing Music & Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Theko is more kind of lounge which has a really beautiful ambience to make your eyes feast on it. They have live music and DJ, the restaurant is two floored on the first floor you will find the DJ playing some really good music to make your experience there more lively.

The staff is prompt at they had a keen knowledge about the menu, in case you get confused you can always approach them and I can vouch that they would give you the best recommendation as per your taste. Some of the finger licking dishes I got to try-

1) Chicken nuggets- The name and the dish doesn't go by the name, chicken sausages saute in red chilli, salt and black pepper were served and they were delicious, except the name thing everything else was excellent in this dish.

2)Fish Koliwada - 6-7 freshly fried pieces of fish Koliwada were served, the upper coating was made up of flour and few spices added to it, which made the overall dish good and when added green chutney to it, it will be one the appetizers you will always crave for.

3) Paneer Pahadi- 4-5 Pieces of paneer barbeque was served, with very marinated in a very traditional masala as one can taste the tanginess and spiciness because of the red chilli powder and lime juice. Highly recommended.

Main course-

1) Goan curry- The curry was made of ravas, this fish was chopped into small pieces and then fried and then it was put into curry as the pieces had little crispiness in it. The Goan curry was served with rice and it a very tangy taste which would be mainly because of tomato puree. It suited my palate and it did absolute justice with the dish.

2)Penne pizza in Alfredo sauce- We ordered the pasta in pink sauce, the pasta was delicious but sadly no garlic bread was served with it. The pasta was little raw but it was good.

1)Sizzling chocolate brownie- I love it more than anything, in fact, it was one of the best sizzling Chocolate brownies I had so far. The brownie piece was very thin and that made it more delicious, the ice cream was sufficed for it. The chocolate sauce was getting a little hard which was cherry on the top.

2) Caramel custard- As much as I loved the brownie, I hated this custard, the presentation was very bad and the taste was bad. It was undercooked or overcooked can say but I could taste the custard powder in my mouth, the top surface was really hard and it was tasting weird.

1) Long island iced tea- Mostly this drink is to be served with iced- tea but they served it with Pepsi, it wasn't bad but it wasn't that strong either.

2) Screwdriver- this was a gin-based drink mixed with orange juice. It was very diluted but it was good.

Overall my experience here was memorable. Make sure to try the Sizzling Brownie.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Family, Bae