Broke Sneakerheads, Run To These Shops For Gems Under INR 999

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Reasonably-priced sneakers make us go weak in the knees {and strong in the ankles} – they are easy to carry off, ooze casual charm and allow us to move around freely around the city without seeking a long-term commitment {as opposed to expensive shoes that your conscience doesn’t allow you to throw away}. So, we got down to exploring men’s {unisex, tbh} sneakers off Linking Road.

We weren’t able to get exact names and numbers of the shops mentioned here, but we can tell you where to go. The shops are located next to each other – much like a flea market on the road besides Mochi store on Linking Road in Bandra West. If you’re standing at KFC on Linking Road, it’s situated in the lane bang opposite. If you want to Google Map it, navigate to Kadam Building, Linking Road and you’ll end up in sneaker heaven.

Canvas Sneakers

This pair, for INR 600, can instantly quirk up a boring {old} outfit if you mouth ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ every time you get out. May be paint some art from The Simpsons on it?

A Mismatched Match

We picked two plain sneakers to extend the mismatched socks trend to shoes. Best matched with people who can’t decide what to wear, love mismatched socks or avoid all things boring, and just for INR 550.

Office Casual

These are the ones which get you attention at client meetings because of the sharp looks and ‘they look comfortable’ comments, and just for INR 600. If they ask you where you got them from, you know which link to forward.

Denim Love

Denim heads have another item to add to their collection with these rad-looking and durable pair of sneakers for INR 500. We’ll be seen it these at music gigs, worn by people who aren’t cribbing about people stepping on their feet.

Comical Pairings

These slip-ons for INR 850 are perfect for those so pressed for time {or lazy} that tying laces seems like a chore. Plus, super cool prints {super heroes and comic characters} – they’re already sitting nicely on our shoe rack as we geek out.

Cotton Fluff

These easygoing pair of shoes make us want to take it easy on a vacation after buying them for an easy INR 450. Pair them with white cotton pants and head to a sea side cafe. Are we doing this or are we doing this?

Aztec Charm

The print universally gels with any look to give it an edge and we like that about Aztec prints. This pair of earthy slip-ons will go well with a kurta as well as a T-shirt and shorts look, and all for INR 600.

Striped And Laced

This list is incomplete without the mention of these striped shoes. Casually dapper and seriously good looking for INR 900, we’ll keep these for Tinder dates and use them as conversation starters.

Neutral Essentials

We think these are essentials to balance out a crazy outfit {read neon t-shirts} or to add more sobriety to a daily outfit, and all for the affordable price of INR 600.

Bright And Shiny

Snazzy to the core, these are not for the plain Jane-look clan. Upbeat and noticeable from a distance, these are purely for the limelight lovers for INR 950.


Keep your bargaining skills handy since it’s Linking Road. There’s a good chance that you may find Vans, Converse or Lacoste pieces just dangling there, waiting for you to pick them.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai