Kettle & Keg: A Chill Place To Hang Out For All Teetotaller

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What Makes It Awesome?

Kettle & Keg had divided the sections into two, the lower section is the barista and the section above serves cocktails and drinks. The creative decor has graffiti on the walls. It is really a fun place to hang out.
We started off the with the cream of chicken soup which was so creamy and cheesy. Felt like a cheese sauce with boiled chicken. Just loved it as it made me quite heavy.
Then came the keto omelet, which is basically lots and lots of butter and cheese and stiff fried vegetables and of course the masala omelet.
Also called for the Parsi style masala omelet. It is basically a Parsi style of cooking. It was quite different and nice But I preferred the keto omelet better.
Prawns butter garlic was next to come... The presentation was just too tempting.. really nice taste.. lots of butter... yum... I wish the quantity would have been slightly better on this one.
Then We called for the crispy chicken. which was really crispy and fresh. They serve it with some different hot and sour sauce. Damn, i loved the combination and the quantity was A+.
I also called for the vodkatini expresso, which is a vodka-based cocktail with black coffee. It gives a nice kick but is very very dark to taste. So the people who love black coffee without sugar would love this drink.
Hazelnut brownie, Almond cake, and Rocky roads were the deserts we ordered.
Rocky road was my favourite of the three desserts. It was just perfect with cold, chocolate, juicy, not too sweet.
The other two were keto deserts, which were nice too but I preferred the Rocky roads.
Also, the cold coffee was great.
We also tried the tiramisu cold coffee and the roasted hazelnut cold coffee. they were really nice to taste and the quantity was also good.
So overall, a nice casual place to chill with friends or family. with great food, good cocktails, and amazing deserts.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae