Chai Pe Charcha Is A Perfect Spot To Get Amazing Quick Bites & Masala Chai

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What Makes It Awesome?

Chai Pe Charcha is literally Heaven with good food. It has 3 outlets in Mumbai. I with my friends went to the Prabhadevi outlet which is just located besides the lane where Siddhivinayak Mandir is located. I loaded a ton calories and my experience was amazing. The ambiance was decent enough. We sat and played Snakes and Ladders and Ludo as it displayed on their table. The service was as quick as lightning followed with a humble staff.

What I had :
Irani Chai: A good Chai to have in the morning as it was not that strong. It was just like a light drink which was good.

Kesariya Chai: Kesar was topped on the Chai. And, again a light chai with rusks was simply amazing to have.

Paneer Bhajiya (Highly Recommended): The best Bhajiyas I have ever had in my life. It was simply phenomenal and Paneer in it was soft and very well cooked too.

Adrak Ki Chai: I liked this more than the above mentioned teas. The flavour of ginger was too strong and it tastes simple awesome.

Charcha Special Beated Coffee: It was a bit bitter so you will have to pour a lot of sugar in it to make it taste better. A great coffee to just get your sleep off.

Maggi Bhajiya: A great and innovative way to make Bhajiyas. Anyway, the maggi was very less stuffed. It tasted like an ordinary Onion Bhajiyas we get on the roadside stalls.

Chilly Cheese Corn Sandwich (Recommended): This was the best thing to have with any of the tea mentioned above. Also, there were a lot of corn stuffed inside but anyway it tasted good with the mayonnaise.

Cold Coffee Frappe (Recommended): A coasting down strong coffee on the sides and a cold milk in the amazing bottles they have was just heaven. It was very refreshing and relaxing.

Lemon Iced Tea: A simply amazing drink which refreshes you completely. It was fully chilled and made me feel the vibes of this place.

Peach Iced Tea: It was same as the Lemon Iced Tea with a bit of flavour of peach and overall it was decent.

Nutella Chocolate Sandwich ( Recommended): If you are craving for Nutella and have a sweet tooth then you should definitely try this out. A bit of dry fruits topped on the bread made this awesome.

Chilly Cheese Corn Paratha: It was just like the Chilly Cheese Corn Paratha. Again, there was too much corn stuffed but if you say the guy who is managing you to not to stuff corns, then he will do the job.

Cheese Overloaded Maggi: An ordinary Maggi with a less masala and topped with Capsicums and Tomatoes. It was an average dish.

Lassi (Recommended): This is the best thing to drink here. It was like a sweet smoothie which made me go like Wow!

Cheese Pav Bhaji ( Recommended): Two Pav, Onions, and Lemon came as the accompaniment. It was topped with cheese. The Bhaji was phenomenal and just made my day!

Nutella Paratha (Highly Highly Recommended): This was the best thing I had here. What an amazing thing to finish off after such heavy meals. This was much needed.

Overall, a phenomenal place for snacks and you all should definitely visit this place.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

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