Drop By This Hidden Gem In Mira Road For Yum Desserts

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What Makes It Awesome?

While finding a few dessert parlours in Mira road I checked out this amazing place which was far from my sight all these years. It appears that they are three-year-old, and I found out them just recently. I realized then, that I might be missing out on many such outlets in my vicinity. Well, I went to check out the place and purchase If I like something. From the exterior, this looks very average, except the amazing name "International Baking Company"(referred as IBC going forward), however, when you visit the interior, you see the real element of IBC. This place is a mixture of bakery, supermarket, ice-cream and dessert parlour.

They serve numerous varieties of each of the above-mentioned sections. I found this place to be very economical and well designed. They serve desserts, cakes, ice-cream, sweets, chocolate bars, dry fruits, wafers, doughnuts and many more. They provide customized cakes within a day, provided if ordered in the morning. If the request is for a cream cake, it can be provided even earlier. They provide home delivery for order as low as Rs. 200. The minimum requirement for a customized cake is at least 1.5kg. Chandu suggested me the best of their outlet and whatever he suggested was worth the price.


As International Baking Company is primarily known for desserts, I picked up nothing but that. Though I was interested in the bakery items as well that is something for another visit. As IBC is economical, I picked up a lot of them so I will go over a few of them. The first on the rundown is Red Velvet Jar Cake - This is presented in a mid-sized jar with a golden lid and a ribbon tied to give it a gift like a feel. There are three ready options available and I chose red velvet. This jar looks elegant.

Another beautiful looking option is the Bon Bons - these are chocolates wrapped in a kind of bell-shape. They look attractive so much so that you can't resist trying at least one. Again, their economical nature won't prevent you from buying one. They are available in Hazelnut, Dark chocolate, Lemon, Orange, Red Fruit, Caramel flavours. If you are here that means you love dessert and if you love desserts, then you love cupcakes too. We tried Vanilla and Oreo cupcakes here and they are ok, nothing extraordinary about them.

Something that I loved the most in appearance is the Mousse Cups. They are available in 5 flavours viz. Pineapple, Orange, Trilogy, Butterscotch and Dark mousse cup. I tried 4 of them and I am satisfied with the taste, especially the two fruity ones. These are cream-based and light in consumption. I am glad I have now more than one go-to option in Mira road for cakes/desserts. Their cakes look attractive and they range from as low as Rs. 199. Check out the customized cake I have attached with the review - this was made within a day, impressive!


Other items ordered were Crunchy Cup and Vanilla & Chocolate Cakesical. They also provide a lot of birthday accessories like candles, props and other stuff. The best one is the edible numbers like you can see in my pictures (the number 6). These can come handy as it can be eaten as opposed to the wax numbers. International Baking Company also served chocolates in various forms like bars, square, rock form, etc. Overall an amazing place to find a world of great-looking desserts.

Cuisines served: Bakery, Desserts

Best for lovers of:
Insta-worthy desserts, Economical desserts

Vegetarian only
Multi-purpose outlet

Crunchy Cup
Red Velvet Jar Cake
Pineapple Mousse cup
Orange Mousse cup

Cost: 800
Ratings: 4.5

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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Kids, Bae, Family