Want To Chill Beer In Under A Minute? Check Out Beerosphere's Goodies

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Love beer? Then Beerosphere is what you should be checking out for amazing merchandise such as a mini-fridge, cool pack coasters and a whole lot more.

What Makes It Awesome

We all know The Beer Café. And as if it wasn’t already making beer lovers happy with its wide range of beers, we’ve now been told that the bar has launched its own line of merchandise comprising over 30 products across categories such as gaming, gadgets, décor, glassware, personal and office products.

Called Beerosphere, these goodies are perfect for gifting, keeping at home, or simply collected as souvenirs. They have something called a Spin Chill that can chill your beer within a minute by adding convection, which increases heat transfer between the hot liquid and cold ice. They then have the Chill Puck which is a cool pack coaster that can chill your beer. Now, if you’re at a place where you have access to a plug point or even a laptop while you drink, you can chill your beer can in the Mini USB Fridge’ {how cool is that?}.

They also have a Beer Cap Collector for those who collect beer caps. When all the collected caps are in place the piece can become an artifact. Their Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic vibrations to create the perfect head {which only means consistent taste throughout the drink}.

Their other products include cushion covers, playing cards, glassware, candles, laptop sleeves, and more.


We’d love to drink cold beer through the night and if that means we have to carry around a mini fridge with us, then why not? This cool new merchandise from Beerosphere has definitely caught our attention.


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