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What Makes It Awesome?

"It is often said that happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best." Though it would be an understatement classifying this molecular gastronomy as difficult, the complex nature of modernising something which is traditionally ingrained to match the palate of the local audience and at the same time not upsetting the balance behind the traditional preparation of the same is something which is close to being termed as a genius. 

Another of the venture from the Kalra's who probably don't even need an introduction, Pa Pa Ya is a repertoire of a wide range of Asian preparation majorly comprising of succulent dimsums and Sushi. Not everyone can pull out such expertise in Asian cuisine as most of them see a molecular catastrophe rather than results, the reason why you don't have many who can replicate or innovate the ideas.


Vegetable California -: This is from the Maki section of the sushi which means its a type of sushi roll which is rolled. Its more in a raw form because of the presence of freshly sliced cucumber and avocado served with raw wasabi paste and soy sauce as dips. This is the most popular amongst the traditional preparation of veg sushi. Recommended 5/5

Spicy Avocado:- An alternative name for this would be Spicy Vegetable California. The Japanese red flavoured spice used is the difference between both. The combination of Spicy avocado with the mixture of the dips ( soy sauce+wasabi) is something worth trying for. Another from the Maki section.

Crispy Vegetable Maki Dehydrated Spinach:- Modern world deserves the best and this Sushi stands at the top of that list. This ends up as a vegan preparation and still the best amongst all. Even if vibes in the restaurant felt like the presence of Anti-vegetarian Brigade, this preparation received only praises in every aspect from all. RECOMMENDED 5/5


Roasted Aubergine Demerara Goutie:- Cantonese Chilli is the heart of this preparation. One gets to taste such condiments dining in a Cantonese restaurant. There are multiple ways of preparing Cantonese chilli which mostly depends on the proportion of Dried chilli & Chilli Padi (Bird's eye chilli)
Indian special lovers should try this concoction. Recommended

Kale Pakchoy & Mushroom Gaozi Lhasan Dressing:- Best presentation amongst all other dimsums and has proper texture. It was difficult to breakdown the structure of the preparation. 

Asparagus Corn and Burnt Spring Onion Dimsum:- A sadder version of roasted aubergine probably because I tasted it first and Cantonese chilli was just too amazing and the taste has been stuck to my palate ever since. The flower is so colourful and the idea of having this arrangement of a dim sum is amazing. Creativity at its best!


Crispy Lotus Stem:- Best Lotus stem and there is no peer to compare it especially when it's vegan. The smoked honey chilli (milder on spice more on sweet) and Sichuan spice can be both identified through tasting the same unlike in many situations where one gets the better of the other. The crispiness without deep frying the lotus stem is a commendable effort on part of the team.


Wok tossed seasonal vegetables young spinach and tofu, mala sauce:-

The last time I tasted mala sauce was when I used it to prepare customised gourmet pizza in 1441 pizzeria. But this one is a more typical preparation with Sichuan, chilli paste, pepper and other condiments. The quality of tofu was top class and the portion was not substantial compared to wok tossed noodles that were served. Though not copious, the mind never questioned the fact that this was the best combination.

Exotic Mushroom, Fresh Thai chilli & Basil: Comprised of 5-6 different types of mushroom, all of which won't be to a person's liking. Basil rice, on the other hand, had more Indian'ness to it than all the other preparations put together. That's enough a clue!


Chocolate Ball on Fire:- One of the spirits is lighted using the lighter, resulting in Chocolate ball to melt. Amazing when you witness it happen and even better when you taste it. 
TO NOTE: Do taste the upper part of chocolate and vanilla scoop as the bottom layer contains a bit of salvaged alcohol presence.

Liquid Hazelnut Fondant Cake, Matcha, Blueberry Quinelle:- A more sophisticated version of molten lava cake which is coated with green tea from the outer stretch of the mountain like piece served along with blueberry in the shape of quenelle (not to be confused with quenelle which is different).
Note: Quinelle is an elliptical shape made by passing the mixture back and forth between two spoons.

What Could Be Better?

Perfect it my opinion.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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Big Group, Bae, Family

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