Boost Your Immunity With This Amazing Organic Herbal Tea!

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Santulya Organic Tea

Santulya is a herbal infusion made from five ancient organic Ayurvedic herbs. It is rich in essential elements for everyday balanced life. I loved this product especially because it just hits the right chords with a balanced flavour and fragrance. I am not a fan of strong bitter teas but this tea is quite mild with hints of turmeric, tulsi and other herbs. It helps flush out toxins from the body giving you a fresh and energized feel. It is also rich in anti-oxidants which provides energy to the body and boosts immunity which I believe is the need of the hour. Regular intake of Satunlya detoxifies the body of harmful toxins.


* Helps boost immunity

* Detoxifies body of harmful toxins

* Rich in antioxidants thus provides energy

* Mellow fragrance

* Mild flavor


* Nothing as of now


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