Weekend Plans? Head To Scintillating And Sparkling Sin City In Andheri

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What Makes It Awesome?

Sin City is one of the most sophisticated and elite places in town. A place which can fulfil all the spots required from a floor to dance on to a place to soothingly relish live music. This place simply has it all. Divided into 4 sections, they have Oriental section with a touch of Chinese culture, in this section, they have a fine dine type of a feel with many sculptures depicted by the Chinese culture. There is a Western Area which has high tables for the ones who prefer that. They also serve buffet but not the usual types, the menu is pre-decided by the people who want to opt for this. American Section gives a bit of countryside feels. A special area close to live music is a special paid area. For all the club music and dance lover, they have a pub which has an absolutely scintillating and dazzling dance area. A place with a complete package.

Talking about their service, well, we were pleasing welcomed by their staff named Alice who was really helpful and suggested good and scrumptious palates.

All along enjoying this blissful ambience let us take you to the junkie sinful yet drool-worthy trip.

-Dark Melon: Served in a melon, have you heard of refreshing alcohol? This is a perfect example of that. Superbly reviving with the fresh flavour of Melon with vodka. Stimulating kick after the Monday blues. ---Passionate: Blended with infused fruits in mild soda. This was again very refreshing and smooth to get through, though there were a few seeds felt but can be compensated with the bracing flavour it consisted of.

-Chef’s Special Chilli Chicken: Quite a bears dish but yet special. After trying this it was true that it indeed is special, an ultimate soul food dish.
-Silken Charcoal Mushroom: This is a tandoori mushroom, spices in this dish were very mild and but the mushrooms were fresh. Could have tasted a little better.

The Main Course:
-Chicken Masala: With the limited set of dishes offered picked up this one. Thick red gravy with medium sized chicken pieces. The spices were well infused and were quite Hot and spicy in taste but go well with butter naan. Since we love spicy and tasty food to this.

-Sweet Bliny: A crepe with strawberry tasting filling with apple pieces within it. Not so sweet not so mild. The taste was very appetising and people who prefer less sweet this is the dessert for you.
-Fudge Brownie: Indulgent and lavishing freshly home baked brownie. One of the best brownies in town. Would highly recommend trying this.

Sinful City is a must visit place with its astounding ambience and lovely and humble staff.

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