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Set City

A Mystical Journey With Some Delicious Global Cuisine

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What Makes It Awesome?

I must admit, the lights impressed me. 'Illuminati' - a perfect name with a unique concept.

Location: The location itself is a landmark in Bkc region. Inspired building in BKC is home to some amazing and unique restaurants like Uno Mas and Trisend. So the competition is tough still you would find it difficult to get a reservation on weekends.

Ambience: The glimmering lights cover most part of the restro & hence the name -Illuminati. There are huge lights which cover the centre of the restro (turned on during weekends). Also, make sure you don't get fooled by the super clean mirrors due to which they have directions on the floor.

Service: The chef was very considerate of our requests (spice level). Our server suggested us what we should go for, based on our likes & dislikes. I really liked the effort they put in to satisfy all the diners. Maaz left no stones unturned to provide the best possible service.

Food: The chef served us some drooling dishes. They kept the authenticity of Asian Cuisine. The desserts were really unique & delightfully rich.

▪️ Drinks

Queen(Mocktail): I really liked the tangy flavours from the orange & Kaffir lime. The vanilla helped balance the flavours.

Prisnor(Cocktail): It's a vodka-based cocktail with beautiful cherries on top.

▪️ Appetizers

Tokyo Chicken(Recommended): In love with Tokyo Chicken. Perfect size, similar to popcorns, but different flavour. They were tossed in spices & a sweet sauce, & garnished beautifully.

Steamed rawas xiao xing: The fish was steamed to perfection & served with vegetable spaghetti on top & a sauce made of wine at the bottom. It was completely boneless, which was a plus.

Chicken and prawns shumai dimsum: Beautiful & fresh yellow Dimsums topped with caviar is what you get in this dish. The prawns & chicken filling was delicious. If you love authentic Asian food, definitely try this.

Pizza inspired arancini: It's interesting. Arancini as a base for pizza?! Hell yes! It's topped with cheese & veggies, similar to a pizza. Thumbs up for the creativity.

▪️Main Course

Honey sesame chicken bowl (Recommended): As the dish arrived, the aroma of the jasmine rice took over the place. Chicken, tossed in honey & soy sauce, was placed on the rice. I loved the taste & aroma of the dish. Go for it.


Deconstructed pineapply upside down: A dessert served in a wine glass, & the chocolate biscuit was kept over to cover it. The whipped cream was held upside down and the base had deconstructed pineapple. How cool! Tastewise, it was okay. Bonus points for its uniqueness.

The Decadent cake french toast (Recommended): French toast, replaced by soft & delicious cake, served with ice cream, hazelnut & banana on the side. The cake was soft & it paired well with ice cream. It's different & fulfilling.

Verdict: Green light from my side, if that's what you are looking for. 🙈 The lights are a definite hit. And so is the food. Unique & Tasty food is all we need.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Bae, Family