This NewbieIs Offering Authentic Delicacies From Awadhi, Mughlai & North Indian Cuisine!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Nawaabs newly opened in Kharghar is trending for good reasons. Serving authentic delicacies from Awadhi, Mughlai and North Indian cuisine; I am confident that you cannot resist the flavourful food served here. Though this place is small but can host up to 12 customers at a time. You might have to wait at times but the wait is all worth it.
Nicely done interiors, the colors like yellow and violet stands prominent. The simplicity and minimalist decor of this place will make you feel comfortable. The focus is on pure food and no fancy food presentation. Right on flavours and correct use of ingredients showcase their rich culinary skills and knowledge. All the food is served hot and fresh. So if you plan to have good food, do visit this place.
Here is what I had :

Lahori Chaap - An appetizer made with a healthy twist. I have always loved the use of soya chunks in different cuisines. Be it made with gravy or dry, this healthy one never disappoints. As the name suggests, it originates from Lahor and the secret lies in the spices and preparation technique. The soya chunks are marinated well in different spices and then put on skewers. They are put in tandoor and grilled till all the marination is all over the soya chunks. The end result is smoky spicy flavour. The soya chunks remain soft from inside but bit dry.
Try this with mint chutney.

Dahi Ke Kebab - This is one such Appetizer that always surprises me with the unique taste it holds. Made of hung curd which is blended well with spices and then shallow fried till the outer crust is golden brown and bit crunchy. While the inner portion remains soft and melts in your mouth the moment you have it. Not too spicy nor too mild, the preparation was rightly done and executed well. Rich in taste and texture, it goes really well with mint chutney.
Highly Recommended 🤘🏻


Veg Biryani - Making a perfect biryani is an art known to few. The Nawaabs have surely mastered this technique. It needs experience and expertise to understand much about the ingredients and how they will ooze out flavours when used together. Premium quality long grain basmati rice was an ideal match with all those aromatic spices. Use of roughly chopped veggies like cauliflower, beans, peas, carrots and so add much value to the overall taste. Served along with sour and mildly spiced curd, the combination is completely drool-worthy. The addition of caramelized onions on the top adds a new twist to this delicacy. Crunchy and a very distinct taste is added to this biryani.
I completely enjoyed having it. Highly Recommended 🤘🏻

Churi Churi Naan - A popular bread made in North India was next on the table. This naan had a generous amount of stuffing which was made of boiled mashed potatoes, finely chopped onions, green chillies, spices, yogurt, and coriander leaves. The stuffing was spicy enough to tickle your taste buds. The naan is then put into a tandoor till it is all baked and gets that popular outer crunch. Topped with loads of butter, it is a bit crushed and served hot. Have it with any veggie of your choice. I preferred having it with Paneer Kasturi as the combination goes really well. Highly Recommended 🤘🏻

Paneer Kasturi - This veggie was thick and had a rich texture. The paneer user was soft, creamy and fresh. Good huge chunks of it were added to the gravy. With every bite you take, it oozes pure flavours. Mildly spiced, the veggie goes well with either naan or kulchas. It was topped with fresh cream which makes it even more flavoursome. The use of Kasturi adds a prominent taste to the overall dish. Not too overpowering, this ingredient adds a unique twist to it. Highly Recommended 🤘🏻

Zafrani Firni - This royal dessert served here, surely had that authentic taste. A thick pudding indeed which was made of broken rice slow-cooked in milk till it becomes thick inconsistency. The right amount of sugar makes it an ideal dessert and you can have it till the end. Spiced with cardamom, almonds and other dry fruits; the end result is a delectable sweet sin. What makes it stand out is the extensive use of Zafran. The rich dark yellowish color is from the use of premium quality saffron. The prominent flavour of saffron makes it super delicious. Something that is worth remembering for long.
Highly Recommended.

Overall this place is like a hidden gem. The focus is purely on food. The chef is for sure doing an amazing job. They can, however, focus on adding more desserts and drinks to the menu. Surely visiting again.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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