A Perfect American Themed Coffee House In Khar!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Bombay Coffee House is a comparatively new entrant in the cafe section. They have just two outlets in Mumbai as of now. We went to the one in Khar. The entire seating area can be seen from the outside which is one of the highlights of the area. The cafe appears very clean and hygienic with all the tables well-kept. The ambiance here gives a feel of an American restaurant. They have certain antiques placed in one corner along with some books which also gives a feeling of a cafe cum library. In that same corner, they have a board which has quotes written related to coffee. Besides that, you have the ordering counter and the display counter where you can see some amazing cakes and desserts placed. I am sure you will go for the dessert that I went for.

The other reason it feels more like an American cafe is because most of the dishes here are bread based and things like croissants and salads add to the feel. This outlet is kids friendly, but moreover it is better for couples or for formal meetings. They also provide free Wi-Fi which works intermittently due to slow network but if you are lucky you get to use it. The menu here is amazing, fresh, limited and affordable. It is very niche specific and not many options are available but the ones available are special and made with precision. Our server Dhanraj was polite and greeted us well. Our table was reserved as we had requested.


Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Masala Chai are some of the highlights of the beverage section of Bombay Coffee House. We tried a couple of coffees and we will talk about both. The one which excited me the most by the name was ICED CARAMEL - It is a caramel coffee with a perfect taste of coffee introduced. The aroma was very tempting to wait for sipping it. It is not one of those layered or decorative coffee. It is the one which tastes nice.

The next one was a unique one named as GUNLINE. Not sure why it was named as such but this was a regular cold coffee with chocolate sauce and cinnamon dust or powder and something else which we couldn't recognize properly. The taste was a mixture of a coffee and cinnamon or spices. Imagining such a taste could keep you away from such coffees but tasting them would evolve your taste buds and give it some change. Worth a try.


Some of the dishes sold frequently here are Pasta & Croissant. We tried one of them and some other special dishes. First of them was the most common name - CHILLY CHEESE TOAST but this isn't your regular cheese toast. This was a bread sized toast cut in half. These are 4 pieces and they are topped with chillies, bell pepper, capsicum and coriander with the base as cheesy bread. It looked very adorable and tempting. We did not think it would be that much filling before we consumed it but trust me, it was quite filling.

A special appetizer was the ENGLISH BREAKFAST. This is a combination of Chicken sausages, Toast, Masala Baked beans and Choice of eggs - we chose scrambled cheesy egg. First of all, this looks amazing - looks like an actual English breakfast which all these options (to add to the feel I had my coffee still on the table). The toast was very crisp, beans were mixed with masala well and are on a sweeter side, egg preparation was soft and cheesy. I do not consume chicken so can't say anything about the sausages but my friend had it and he liked it.

Finally, it was the time for the main course and we were in two minds. We chose CREAMY PESTO in penne pasta because the other option was spaghetti. All the pasta options here are available in these two variants. It was creamy as hell. It is green in appearance and served with my favorite bread. I do not know what I have for these breads, I just love them madly. Pasta were sprinkled with cheese flakes for beauty.


As I mentioned about the dessert in the beginning, I spotted this at the display counter. Out of all the pastries and desserts displayed, CHOCOLATE MOUSSE stands out. This is one of the biggest and chocolatiest dessert available at Bombay Coffee House. It is cake shaped with a few decorative pieces over it. The texture was glossy and the inside was thick and extremely chocolaty. Each bite would make you feel to go for at least one more bite. The chocolate wasn't too dark or milky. It was just perfect.

We loved the service, food and ambiance very much. I also loved the comfortable seating with wooden chairs. By the time we were about to leave, the restaurant was almost full, that too on a weekday. I love the way people respond to good places like this. If BCH can maintain this standard and quality across outlets with consistency, soon they can gain a lot of popularity. Already it is listed in the top coffee shops in Mumbai article.


Cuisines served: Cafe, American, Desserts, Sandwich, European
Timings: 9am - 12am
Home Delivery: Yes
Customized items: Yes
Tax: 5% GST and 10% Service charge
Bar: No
Seating: Indoor
Live Sports Screening: No
Parking: No

Best for lovers of:
American dishes,

Unique coffees
Free Wi-Fi

Iced Caramel
Creamy Pesto
Chocolate mousse

What Could Be Better?

Limited menu

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Bae, Pets

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