An Authentic Punjabi Resto Bar Brings Delicious Food To Bandra

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What Makes It Awesome?

Punjab Grill is a very well known Resto-Bar for its authentic Punjabi Food with different kinds of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages like Cocktail, Mocktail, Coffee, Tea, and specially Lassi. Here are 3-4 different types of Lassi is available. It's a proper Resto-Bar where you can enjoy your quality time with your Family, Friends and your loved one's along with a beautiful ambience.

Also, this is the only outlet from all 6 where is the buffet system available.
Coming to what all was there in Buffet and what all I Tried :-)
~ Chaat's
1• Pani-Puri
2• Dahi Puri
3• Dahi Bhalle
4• Makhana Bhel
5• Samosa
6• Sev Puri
7• Bhel Puri
In Chaat's I tried Samosa and Makhana Bhel. But honestly, both of these which I tried they both were amazing in taste, the man standing on the Chaat Counter was serving Samosa with Chole, Sev and Chutney's which was making it super yummy. Makhana Bhel is something different which I tried for the first time, and the taste was very nice in it.

~ Beverages
1• Cappuccino
In beverages, there was soo many Alcoholic / Non-Alcoholic drinks were available but I only had 1 Cappuccino. The taste was really awesome.

~ Starter's
1• Lehsooni Paneer
2• Dahi Ke Kebab
3• Achhari Gobi
In Starter's I tried Lehsooni Paneer and Dahi Ke Kebab, probably the best Dahi Ke Kebab I ever had. They were just outstanding in taste. And Lehsooni Paneer was also very nice in taste.

~ Main Course
1• Hare Moong Palak ki Dal
2• Subz Navratan
3• Kumbh Hara Pyaz
4• Paneer Butter Masala
5• Nizami Subz Biryani
I was almost full by the time I came to Main Course, so I only had Paneer Butter Masala, Subz Navratan and Nizami Subz Biryani, also ordered 1 Butter Naan with this, the taste of everything was amazing. Totally loved everything.

~ Dessert's
1• Dudhi Halwa
2• Gulab Jamun
3• Fhirni
4• Kalakand
5• Malai Cham Cham

In Dessert's, I tried everything and each and everything was very delicious especially Kalakand and Gulabjamun. Loved it.

I have only written about Vegetarian food item's as I'm a Pure Vegetarian but there were so many things in Non-Veg also and I'm sure if you eat Non-Veg then you'll surely love it as everything in Veg was really very yummy plus it's a Punjabi Restaurant.

Talking about service and presentation so service was good and quick and the presentation was also nice. (For Starter's, Chaat's and Mocktails & all.)

Recommendation's - Each n Everything.😍❤
Overall had a Great time there.

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