A Worthy Seafood Which No One Can Resist Eating

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mumbai's top seafood place maintains its reputation. Yes ! you heard it correct. Mahesh Lunch Home is Mumbai's top seafood place. They serve amazing worthy seafood which no one can resist eating. They also serve Chinese, North Indian, Mongolian cuisines.

So Starting with the Ambience:
A quiet calm place where everyone enjoys the best seafood accompanying someone with them. Beautiful interiors decorated walls and low lightings at night time made it a perfect spot to eat some delicacies served by the chefs there!

The service was quick fast and the staff was humble and quick responding and gave a quick glimpse of the dishes at an instant!

I sipped mocktails mentioned below:
-Peach Delight: Made up of Peach Apricot Crush, Litchi Crush and Lime Juice with some Soda & Sprite it gave a perfect taste of sweet and tangy.
-Cucumber Fizzy: Ingredients used were Fresh Cucumber, Kiwi Crush, Sweet & Sour but it didn't refresh my tastebuds. It was quite decent.
-Virgin Guava Merry: A must try if you love some spicy sweet drink. Made of fresh Guava Juice, Tabasco sauce, Salt Rim (salt on the rim of the glass), it was presented creatively and tasted as expected.
-Virgin Pomegranate Martini: Just Wow! A drink made of Fresh Pomegranate Juice, Sweet & Sour Mix and the name have Martini in its name but it was a mocktail and non-alcoholic, which I saw for the first time. Presented in wide mouth glass with a Pomegranate piece on the top. Try this and you will repeat this drink for sure.
-Virgin Pinacolada: Cheers for those who love pina colada. Made of Pineapple Juice with some Coconut Cream and Vanilla ice cream.
-Italian Kiss: So my favorite drink between all these was this drink! The ratio of managing Kiwi Crush and Cranberry Juice was just perfect with some Soda & Sprite to maintain the taste so it doesn't become only crush or syrup drink😋

Soup :
-Seafood Combination: Minced Seafood cooked with some chilies, garlic & spring onion made with perfect taste nor too spicy which suited me well. Do try this in soups!

Starters :
-Roasted Basa: Basa Fillet grilled in Salamander, tossed with Olive oil with some Basil, Garlic and Dry Red Chilli it is a must try and a delicacy over there. You must try this roasted basa or go for the Pomfret as these two are served amazingly.
-Butter Pepper Garlic Prawns: Huge size Prawns tossed in Butter, Pepper and Garlic made up to perfection and presented beautifully. Worth trying for the starters.
-Rawas Koliwada: Authentic Seafood is here at Mahesh lunch home. Deep Fried Rawas marinated using the authentic Indian Spices to spice up the taste of rawas and to enjoy the fish delicacy!
-Crispy Chicken: Coming here and trying chicken is not really a great idea! But still, I thought to try some for those who don't like seafood.Made with Chicken and Crisped, tossed with spicy Red Sauce to enhance the tastebuds.
-Shola Kebab: Who doesn't love kebabs! Do try their Boneless pieces marinated in red spices resulting in the making of shola kebab.

Main Course :
-Fish Mallipuram: Fish made in Dakshin Style using the choice of catch with the fish fillet. Another delicacy to try here starting with the main course.
-Prawns Gassi: Prawns made of Authentic Mangalorean style with thick coconut gravy made with the choice of catch
-Butter Chicken: Boneless Chicken tossed and cooked using the Indian spices with some onion and made with butter on the tawa and adding extra butter on top to enhance the taste. It was tasty and worth trying.
-Chicken Chettinadu - Chicken cooked in Chettiar Speciality. An Indian specialty made using Indian spices with some yoghurt. This was worth trying as a specialty dish.

Accompaniments :
-Neer Dosa: In Tulu language known as Water dosa which is a speciality in South India.
-Appam: A kind of pancake made of rice batter and Coconut milk mostly consumed in Kerela

Desserts :
-Caramel Custard: A soft fluffy caramel Custard made with perfection maintaining the level of sweetness with a topping of cute cherry which was presentable and tasty as well!
-Tender Coconut Payasam: Also known as Kheer, but this kheer was of a different kind. This kheer was made using the slices of tender Coconut along with some slices of almond to add some flavouring. Do try this here!

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