Slaying It In SoBo: A Townie Girl's Guide To Partying in South Mumbai

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Tired of hearing that Bandra is the place to be or that a new bar has opened in Andheri? South Mumbai too has a thriving nightlife and we’ve compiled a list of recommendations on how to have a good time without crossing the Sea Link. Most clubs and bars close at 1:30 AM unless they’re in a hotel. So planning our night is crucial to make the most of it.

Pregaming Plans

Begin your Friday night with an early dinner and pregame drinking session at Cricket Club of India, Bombay Gymkhana, Willingdon Club, Breach Candy Club or the Radio Club. These gymkhanas have bar nights which are fun to hit-up for cheaply priced cocktails and a lively crowd as well.

Not a member of these clubs? Head to 145 in Kala Ghoda, Ghetto in Breach Candy or The Dirty Buns in Kamala Mills too are a great pregaming option if you’re not a member of any of the gymkhanas. While you drink, munch on some of their small plates before you head out. We love the pav bhaji cones and the raan bao in Kala Goda.

Cocktails and Dates

Wink bar at Vivanta By Taj in Cuffe Parade has exceptional cocktails and classy interiors, making it a great spot for romance. Irish House in Colaba is one of the best sports bars in the city, so check that out as well. Dome at the Intercontinental Hotel is perfect if you’re looking for a more chill night. Dome has an excellent view of Marine Drive, which makes it a great option for a date night. But be warned: drinks are pricey.

If you’re heading towards Breach Candy, The Bombay Cartel is the fun kid on the block with interesting interiors, mainstream music and delicious and cost-effective cocktails. South Bombay Bar at Atria has an elegant ambience and a menu of creative cocktails that make it ideal as a date-night destination. We also love KOKO and Kode in Kamala Mills for some lip-smacking Asian cuisine, fancy cocktails and great music. 

Late-Night Options

Post 1:30 AM, all roads in South Mumbai lead to the Four Seasons Hotel. AER, the rooftop bar of Four Seasons, has a panoramic view of Mumbai. Sun-downers at AER or by the Four Seasons pool are exceptional. However, drinks are expensive and the entry list is very exclusive. So, townies here's where you can use your contacts! 

Flamboyante in Cuffe Parade and Cafe Fumo in Breach Candy are your best choices to have a chill night with friends. Flamboyante has delicious food as well. If you're in Pheonix, you already know where to head for some great music and beats. And you guessed it, of course - Tryst. We promise, you'll bump into all your SoBo friends there if you're partying in Tryst on a Friday night.

Please note: AER is a seasonal venue and is closed during the monsoons!   

Late-Night Munchies

Ayub or Bademiya at Fort, or Trattoria at Taj Vivanta, are your best bets for late night bites. Bademiya is of course the best place to go to for a hot kebab. At Trattoria, let your blood alcohol content open up your wallet. It’s open all night long, and we recommend the smoked salmon, parmesan cheese, onion and rucola leaves pizza. If you’re a hardcore meat-lover, try the ham, salami, sausages, chicken and prawns pizza.

Wrap up the night in a food coma, and call an Uber to get you safely back home. We’ll see you next Friday.


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