A World Made From Pocket Watches, Metal Discs & Copper Plates That Is An Art Lover's Dream!

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What Did I Like?

Valay Shende, a prolific artist and sculptor, uses unconventional materials such as metal discs, pocket watches and copper plates to create a world inspired by his surroundings. His subjects comprise of people, animals and things from his daily life, ranging from milkmen, bicycles, motorcycles, cows, watchmen, children, trucks, autos, construction sites and much more.

Despite the constrictions of his chosen medium, he still manages to bring out a mind-blowing touch of realism to his sculptures, in terms of size, structure and proportion. His work is aimed at capturing India in its truest sense, by striking a balance between modernisation & industrialisation {through men in suits, trucks, cement machines and consumer products such as the teddy bear} and tradition & culture {through the traditional Dabbawala, dhobi and cows on the streets}.

What's My Pro Tip?

While Valay's life-size sculptures are very pricey, his small ones like the teddy bear are good options for young collectors looking for iconic pieces.

Anything Else?

For more, please check out this page here - { www.instagram.com/art.insic }.

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