Grab Goan Sausage Rolls For INR 30 At This Bakery In Malad

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You don’t know what you’re missing out on if you haven’t eaten at Aaron’s Bake N Brew in Malad yet. And in case you’re already a fan, then join in and spread the goodness.

Chow Down

Malad – for those who don’t live there – may seem like a long, far away journey. But we came across Aaron’s Bake N Brew House, a quaint and cute eatery opposite Orlem Church and we’re convinced this eatery will make you hop into your vehicle and set on this journey. We had heard a lot about this joint- a brainchild of the good folks from A1 Bakery- which offers delicious food at slashed prices and we had to check it out. And here’s what we found – this hidden gem is worth every trip and every penny you will spend.

First up, hog on their mince mutton puffs {INR 20} that well-stuffed and crispy {we kept eating them}. Their chicken mince masala puff {INR 20} too was just as satisfying. We also took a fancy to their Goan style chicken sausage roll {INR 30} which was delicious, just like their amazingly yummy chicken croissant {INR 20}. There was literally no stopping us here because the food is extremely light on the stomach and the pocket. If you love hot dogs, then you must give their American-style chicken hot dog {INR 40} a shot. The make their own bread {and sell it too} and the food is all fresh and hygienic.

After gorging on the savoury items, it was time to dig into the desserts, and they have ample variety there too. We picked their utterly smooth and mouthwatering chocolate chip mousse {INR 50}.

Sip On

We closed our meal with their special filter coffee {INR 60} which was possibly the best decision.

So We're Saying...

If you haven’t been here already, take our word for this – this place is heaven for those who love good variety in snacks. If you love Hearsch Bakery in Bandra, then Aaron’s is another one that may make you change your mind {despite not having as large a variety as the former}.


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