Ten-Second Takeaway

In the interest of all penniless readers out there, we found a deal in town that beats books by weight, or even secondhand book shopping hollow only at the Ashish Book Centre in Fort.

What’s The Big Deal?


Original books here are sold at the price of  INR 100 and that comprises both bestsellers and uncommon books. At the very entrance of the shop the collection of these 100-bucks-a-copy books are displayed, along with the first three book shelves which are filled with them. Even something like Rajdeep Sardesai’s book is priced at INR 100. The offers don’t end there, as everything else in the store {fiction, non-fiction, books on art, sport, music, travel, design, etc.} has a minimum of 20 per cent off extending till even 85 per cent.

Floor one is solely dedicated to children’s books. If owning a grand complete library is on your wish list, then check them out for their deals on the huge collection sets of encyclopedias. Also a publishing house in itself, they make the stress-relieving adult colouring books, too.

What Else?


They can arrange for a book on your request, but depending on availability via dealers you can get books in an hour or even a year, the owner’s son told us, smiling. Plus, if you are or know someone who is interested Hindi or Marathi books and translations of English books such as Meluha, the Palace of Illusions, The Secret, this is a place to get it.

They open at 10am till 8pm, and are shut every Sunday.

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB