Breathe Easy: This Brand's Active Respirator Masks Filter The Air You Exhale

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What Makes It Awesome

We're leading a masked life. Quite literally. And everyone's gonna admit that it gets extremely difficult to keep wearing a mask at all times. Especially when we're stepping out for longer durations. Breathing is never hassle-free, and we're always pulling the mask down after every ten minutes to wipe the sweat off our faces, or to take in some fresh air. But worry no more, because we found a local brand that's making it all easy-peezie for you. Everyone, say hello to Dobby Air! 

Dobby Automations has created N-95 masks that go by the name of Dobby Air, and have a little device attached to it. A device that is detachable, battery-powered, and helps exhaust exhalations, which allows you to breathe in fresh air, leaving no scope for discomfort. The air that you exhale, also gets filtered and purified by the device, unlike the ordinary valve masks that you get in the market. The device in the masks have a 7-hour battery life, and these active respirator masks come in four colours- Black & Graphite, Frost White, Denim Blue & Hot Pink. For INR 1,799, you get a box that comprises 1 Respirator device, 4 N95 masks, 8 Replaceable Filters that last you for two months, and 1 Micro-USB Charging Cable. Post two months, you can also get yourself a refill pack for INR 399, that comprises 4 masks and 8 filters

We personally love how light-weight and pretty they look (we're crushing on the blue and the hot pink masks) So order your box of good health soon, because these, to be honest, are a combination of safety and comfort and total win.


The filters in the mask need to be replaced after one week, and the N95 masks need to be changed every 15 days.