Tingle Your Taste-buds: Sip On Some Chilli Guava Kombucha From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever gotten your thirst quenched by a bottle of well-made Kombucha? Okay, for those of you who are hearing this term for the first time - a Kombucha is the fermented version of chai, with the same (or more) benefits. It is a fermented tea that comes in fruity or unique flavors, and is also rich in probiotics, antioxidants, and helps combat several diseases. Now we've found you a brand called Aether Beverages, that makes heavenly flavoured Kombuchas. We're listing reasons and making sure you fall for this drink (and this brand) by the end of reading this article. 

Aether Kombucha has soothing flavours like lemon and ginger, pineapple, and the original fermented Kombucha. However, we'll skip talking about how awesome the classics are, and bring their unique flavours to your notice. Ever heard of Tamarind and Chilli Guava or Mango Kombuchas? We love how fresh and affordable these are. Also, these drinks are the OG gut cleansers, so you might want to add them to your diet. Starting at INR 150 (for a medium-sized glass bottle) Aether Kombuchas are yummy, soothing on a hot day, and healing for the body. 

For the next party that you're throwing, let there be Kombuchas. Or just get yourself some home-delivered for a great start to your day. We think you'll fall in love with its 101 health benefits.


Aether delivers in Mumbai city only. Give them a call to place your orders. 


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