Bring Out The Kid In You With These Fun Furniture Pieces!


Akkad Bakkad

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What Makes It Awesome

Furniture shopping can be daunting- it translates to Adulting 101. But here’s a brand making it a bit more fun and easier for you. Akkad Bakkad brings contemporary pieces, light, happy colours and simple designs for people who don’t want to commit to a furniture or room theme yet. 

Add a cute poof (INR 799 onwards) or perhaps some bunting (INR 275), a good looking yet cheap lamp (INR 599 onwards) or even a simple rug (INR 499 onwards) with adorable graphics. These small additions will make your house a bit more friendly and cosy without you even realizing! They also have some minimal wall décor and you can really accentuate a white wall in your kitchen or room in case you don’t want to spend your coin on painting it.

Our favourite purchase was their quilts (INR 3599). Such cute patchwork and fun colours, we love using them on a daily basis!


If you don't have a furniture theme figured out yet, or a colour scheme in each room is just not your thing, this furniture store can definitely help.