Vitamin Sea: Why Aksa Beach Still Remains One Of Our Favourites For A Beach Day

    What Makes It Awesome

    The Arabian Sea is host to clean sands and magical sunsets – the perfect mix for a good holiday. The city that never sleeps is home to some wonderful beaches and one of them, untouched by visitors, is Aksa beach.

    Dotted with hotels and private cottages, Aksa beach is popular with youngsters and adults alike as a weekend getaway. The beach has INS Hamla on one end, which serves as base for the Indian Navy, and a small beach called Daana Paani on the other. Since it’s not usually frequented by a number of tourists, it is pretty clean and is full of greenery. It’s one of the beaches on the Madh Marve route so you have the opportunity to explore other beaches in the vicinity, like Daana Paani.

    Best time to visit: Aksa is between October and March when there’s less humidity.

    Eating options: include gola (chuski), sev puri, chaat, sandwiches, corn shacks and other snacks.

    How To Reach: Aksa is closest to Malad station. One can take a bus from either Malad or even Borivali station. You can also opt to travel by auto rickshaws.


    Apart from the beach, you can also visit other attractions near-by. We've listed a few below:

    Global Vipassana Pagoda: A spiritual place meant for meditation and finding inner peace. The Pagoda is just a ferry ride away from Aksa beach.

    Shri Hiradevi Temple: Dedicated to the local goddess, you find a large number of devotees coming here to pay their respects.

    Marve Beach: Very close to Aksa beach, Marve serves as a getaway to many other local attractions like Essel World and Water Kindgom.


    The beach isn’t considered safe for swimming due to high tides, water currents and sinking sand in some areas. Also, make sure to carry enough cash as the ATMs around the area are far off and might not always have money in them.