Get The Best Prices On Electronics, Cosmetics & More From This Chain Of Stores In Mumbai

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When there were no Big Bazaars in the city, there were Alfa stores. We explored the stores that have stood the test of time, at Irla.

What Makes It Awesome

It’s quite difficult, wrapping your head around the expanse of the universe that Alfa is. It has been there before multi-brand stores took their first steps and a lot of Mumbai people associate walking into one of the stores, only to be enchanted by the range it offered.

The stores are scattered on Irla market road, with each of them numbered, in no particular order. Alfa is where you’ll find imported food {international brands you usually don’t get in the market} and skincare. We bought a John Frieda shampoo for less here {INR 500}. Moving on, Alfa 2 deals in cosmetics and mobile phones. An unusual combo there, but that’s where the charm lies. Alfa 3 is a maze of electronics, crockery, home decor, furnishings, toys and more. Alfa 4 stocks men’s wear.

You’ll find hoards of aunties trying to compare, confused youngsters contemplating where to start and loads of shop helpers, ready to take you through. The stores really are, a treasure for those looking to score deals. All the stores are on either side of the road so go on, take your time, hopping from one to the other. They have the token system and that, takes us back to simpler times.


Whether it brings back fond memories of childhood or you just really like them for their prices, Alfa is a sure shot winner for those who hate spending long hours shopping.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai