All For A Cause: Donate Now To Help Build A Community Library For The Kids Of Dharavi

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dharavi Art Room is currently on their mission to set-up a library for the kids of Dharavi - a lending community library stocking a good collection. And they need your help in raising the money to sustain and build the library.

Dharavi, Asia's largest slum lacks a proper library, and the kids of the neighbourhood are the ones directly affected. Owing to the lack of public infrastructure, and funding in general, the children do not have access to the books and material which can enrich them. To add colour to their lives, Himanshu and Aqui S of Dharavi Art Room have launched a crowd-sourcing project to raise enough money to sustain and maintain the library.

They are looking to raise at least INR 10 lakhs, however, any donation {big or small} is welcome.

What's My Pro Tip?

You are also free to send in your suggestions/ donate books for once the library is up and running. Just get in touch with the folks from Dharavi Art Room.

Anything Else?

The library will be an interactive space and an institution that will cater to kids from the ages of six to 16. Activities like read-out loud days, vocabulary lessons, literature circles et al will be organized to encourage children to stay engaged. The library will have a one time-registration fee of INR 50 {to inculcate the value of the facility} but thereon the kids are free to borrow and read the books whenever.

Apart from this, workshops like painting, drawing, and zine making will be held at regular intervals. Families and parents will be invited to open houses, and the idea is just simple: let the children have an easy access to as many books as possible. Because we all have those books that left a huge impact on us during our childhood; who wouldn't want the same for these kids.

To donate, and support the project go here - { Courtesy: Dharavi Art Room}

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