All For A Good Cause: Here's How You Can Donate Pads, Stuff Toys & Books For The Kids Of Darjeeling

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What Makes It Awesome

The people behind Dharavi Art Room and Bombay Underground Bookhouse are calling out for donations for the crisis that is happening in Darjeeling currently.

For over 50 days, there has been political unrest in Darjeeling owing to which, there's been shortage of food, and in general, has limited the way of living of the people of Darjeeling. In all of this widespread unrest, the children are in fact at their most vulnerable stage. To brighten them up and help them out in whatever little way, Aqui {co-founder of the aforementioned spaces} has started off a donation drive asking people to contribute as much as they'd like to.

Be it candies, soft toys, drawing books, colours, and other things that will help in comforting the kids.

With soft toys, and picture books, the idea is to collect things that will bring a happy imagery to the children.

Additionally, they are also looking for donations for menstruation pads and menstruation cups.

What's My Pro Tip?

The plan is to send out these things in bulk and in batches every 15 days, as and when the requirement arises.

You can drop off the stuff at What About Art?//, Al's Tattoo Studio in Bandra or call them up and they will arrange for it to be picked up from your home.

Any monetary donation to help them buy things is welcome too.

Anything Else?

I love the initiative of the good folks. In fact, they're really accessible and if you'd like to help out in any way, just reach out to them on

You could also contact them on 97733 61243 and 97699 02084.

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