This Restaurant Is All About Yum Vegetarian Dishes, Check It Out Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Vedge is located inside the Fun republic mall and it serves a very good purpose. For the vegetarians who want a pure veg restaurant, they have to sacrifice on the ambience and the insta-worthy dishes because most (95%) such restaurants serve non-veg too. Vedge is heaven for Pure veg restaurant lovers.

Vedge has no other branch. Though being into a niche of vegetarian food, they were almost full on a weekday, thanks to their menu which includes dishes from 6 cuisines. Vedge offers discounts on group meals and does home catering as well. The requirement for home catering starts if the serving size is for around 30-35 people at least. Call them to know more.

Vedge has a very pleasant ambience, the one like a visiting family would love. The restaurant is listed in the "Veggie Friendly collection". It is known for Pizza, Brownie, Mocktails, Veg Nachos, Panipuri Shots, Vegetable Biryani and Loaded Nachos. Out of which we tried a few dishes. Our experience was enhanced by the presence of Nilesh - the Manager, Gaus - the server and especially Raju Singh - the Chef.


We can safely say that all the mocktails we had were good but I will describe my experience just about a couple of them. SPICY GUAVA DELIGHT was the best-looking mocktail. This was served in a Jar with chilli powder garnished on the rim of the jar. The taste would make you feel nostalgic, reminding you of your childhood days of having Guava with chilli powder. It tasted perfect.

Another one which we loved was the PAAN SUPARI MARTINI. In the first glimpse, you will fall in love with the colour and presentation. If you see it passing by your table, you won't be able to resist yourself of asking the waiter, "what was that?". It is parrot green in colour.

As you must have guessed from the name that it is served in a Martini glass and it consists of betel leaf, apple juice and masala. It makes you feel like you are consuming liquid paan. A must-try here. I dragged it for almost an hour because I did not feel like letting it finish.


Who loves Nachos? Who was that who said No? You liar! Nachos is loved by everyone and Vedge has taken the game to another level by introducing FULLY LOADED NACHOS. This is the chef's recommended dish and everyone else's. These are long pieces of Tortilla chips arrange vertically to look like a Pyramid.

Over and under the chips, we have the cheese sauce, Salsa Sauce and boiled beans with a mashed beans masala, loads of cheese, olives, peppers and Jalapeno. Doesn't this sound like a fully loaded Nachos? I am sure it does. The Nachos was crispy and everything around it added to the already existing amazingness of the dish.

Another dish worth talking about was the VEG UPSIDE DOWN PIZZA POT PIE. The end product and the preparation was a treat to watch. This is an inverted Pizza were the exotic fresh vegetables along with cheese and other ingredients are baked in the pot covered with thin pizza bread.

Once baked enough, the pot and other ingredients are bought to your table by the Chef and he empties the entire contents in your dish and completes the dish. The pizza is too cheesy so bear in mind that fact before ordering it. Check out the video in the highlights section on my Instagram.


Dessert was one of the good ones I have had lately. It is called CHOCOLATE MUD PILE. This is again a live dish that the chef makes on your table. Here he gets a charcoals chocolate pastry and breaks it even. Adds a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce. Mixes them evenly.

Over this phenomenal mixture, he places another scoop of Vanilla ice-cream and adds chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, white and brown sugar and garnished with a leaf. This is a very satisfying dessert and the mixture of chocolate and vanilla is anyways heavenly. A must try or at least a must-watch.

Other items ordered were Kokum magic, Berry blast nimbu paani and Veg Shammi kebab with mint chutney. We would like to visit Vedge again to try the remaining delicacies. Food hygiene needs to improve a bit. A great place to be at especially for veggies.


Cuisines served: Thai, Chinese, North Indian, Mexican, Italian, Asian

Best for lovers of:
Pure veg restaurants, Quick service

Live food making (they finish the preparation on your table)
Family place
Some unique dishes

What Could Be Better?

No Alcohol
Only veg

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Best To Go With

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

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