Ten-Second Takeaway

Attention, aspiring chefs. Cafe Zoe in Lower Parel has returned with their One Night Stand, a chance given to an amateur chef to come into their kitchens and prepare a specials menu for all patrons – just for one night.

What’s It All About?

One Night Stand began in 2013, and has had many now professional chefs and home chefs begin their journey with food in Cafe Zoe’s kitchen. After you submit your application and information, you could get a chance to don the white hat for a night, go backstage at a restaurant and see what it’s really like {is it as violent and abusive as Anthony Bourdain warned}, and curate your very own Specials Menu, all the while instructing your very own kitchen crew.

The concept is held once a month, and Cafe Zoe provides all logistical and ingredient help the aspiring chef might need. According to the rules, applicants must be at least 18 years old. They cannot be currently working in a professional kitchen, and must submit a small presentation on themselves and why they want to participate and prepare A Café Zoe-style five dish menu.

So We’re Thinking…

We think this is a great chance for everyone who’s wondered what lay behind the swinging doors at the restaurant, or those who have always felt that their chicken lasagna deserves a wider audience.

Write in to info@blacksheepers.com with the subject line ONE NIGHT STAND for more information and guidelines.

Featured photo: Pexels