Battle Of The Suburbs: 5 Reasons We Can't Really Pick Between Andheri West And Andheri East

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The battle of the suburbs is an ongoing one, even though people in Mumbai live in denial about it. We have taken one of the most popular areas, Andheri and have broken it down for you – West VS East. Here is everything we love about both places.

North Indian Feast

Urban Tadka, Andheri West

In Andheri West, you’ll find people waiting in line to get inside the popular Urban Tadka. Everything from the naan, missi roti, dal makhni and chicken tikka are pretty much delicious, and it is open till 1AM!

Gulati's, Andheri East

Ask anyone in Andheri East about where they love to grab North Indian food, the answer will always be Gulati’s. With the best tandoori food in town, Gulati’s is a great space to be at any time for a very satisfying meal.

Chill Time

Brewbot, Andheri West

You’ll find the folks in Andheri West flocking to Brewbot, and there’s definite reason why. From awesome gigs to stand-up comedy nights, brunches, and fests, Brewbot is always abuzz.

Stables, Andheri East

For people in Andheri East, places with live gigs are slightly rare, and Stables is a good new addition to have. They’ve had bands such as Spud in the Box, have regular versions of their own Saturday Night Live, and an in house DJ for epic dancing nights as well.

Cuddle Time With The Furries

Cat Cafe Studio, Andheri West

Andheri is a good place for pet-lovers to be in, no matter where they reside. Cat Café in Andheri West is the most adorable place for a cat-lover to be in, where they have kept rescue cats that you may adopt or sit with. They even organise Mewga – Yoga with cats and open mic nights as well. You can also just sit and chill in the cafe, grab a bagel and a smoothie and let a cat curl up against you. Oh and their carrot cake is super delish! 

The Pawfect Life, Andheri East

Dog lovers, you can go to Mumbai’s first dog petting centre at Pawfect Life in Andheri East. This dog boarding and petting centre has a combination of both resident fluffers and pets that are vacationing there, and you can go visit for just INR 200 an hour.

P.S- We think both sides are winning in this case.

Fast Food Mania

Joey's Pizza, Andheri West

Andheri West’s shining icon of pizza has always been their Joey’s Pizza. Those thick, gigantic crusts loaded with meat, toppings and cheese have pretty much been the call of the west any time of the day. 10 points for that!

Eva's Pizza, Andheri East

Andheri East’s answer to Joeay’s, is the amazing Eva’s pizza pies. Generously layered with cheese, they serve well-baked pizzas. They have a lot of options that you can choose from, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Which one is more value for money? With a slight difference in price, and many walk-in offers, it would have to be Eva’s.

After Party Fave

Glocal Junction, Andheri West

Everyone needs a good place for an after party and both Andheris have something unique to offer. Located in Lokhandwala, once the party is getting over, everyone hops on to Glocal Junction for one last dance and drink. The place is officially open till 1.30 AM, and has a DJ with an unbending enthusiasm.

Opa Cafe And Bar, Andheri East

Opa, located near the airport has a little bit of everything that you may be looking for. Hookah, a loungy atmosphere, a dance floor, great cocktails and guess what, a rooftop bar. Guess who’s winning here?


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