This Animal Psychic In Mumbai Claims They Can Help You Find A Lost Pet

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Although not widely spoken about, a lot of pet parents and animal shelters turn to animal psychics to find missing, stolen or lost pets.

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Annukta Ganjoo is one of the most prominent pet psychics in the city. She does 2-3 communications per day as it is an arduous process and requires a lot of concentration and hence can be very draining. Apart from dealing with lost and missing pets, she also communicates with ailing pets to find out the exact spot of discomfort when they are in pain {lot of vets consult them for the same}. She doesn’t even need to see the pet and can work with a photograph too.

People who have tested this method are not averse to consulting animal communicators for help. Annukta sincerely believes that it’s all about meditation and concentrating on the task at hand. She also communicates with pets who have passed away.

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If you want to meet or consult Annukta for her services, you can reach her on 9820214246 or via Facebook. She charges INR 700 for communicating with pets at home, INR 700 for communicating with pets who have passed away and INR 1500 for communicating with lost/missing/stolen pets. Although finding lost pets is not guaranteed, Annukta’s ways have proven to be very helpful to people in the past.

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If you think there’s something wrong with your pet and you can’t put a finger on it or if you are looking for a lost pet, you have another option you can consider and seek help from.


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